29 Jul 2003 15:23:55
Is AllBlackBelt.com out of business?

Does anyone know if AllBlackBelt.com has gone under? I tried to call both of
the ph#'s given at their site with no answer for two days. Before you flame
me to a crisp I only bring it up because I thought it may be of interest to
the group as it comes up a lot during internet searches for martial arts
supplies. I have other places to order my gear from but this place had a
large selection of stuff and was only about an hour away from me (in
Fairfax,Va). I wanted to know if their retail outlet carried their internet
selection of Boken and Tessen but the phone #'s just ring and my email
garnered an auto-response that went like this: "At this time, We are unable
to read and respond to your e-mail. We will respond as soon as possible.
Thank you for your patience, we value any and all letters." I also tried my
local phone book and they are listed under the same ph# as the website, but
411 directory assistance came up with nothing. This lends me to believe that
they have recently gone under.

When I do business with people on the internet I check to see if they
have a functional contact or customer service # That way I have an idea what
I'm getting into before I place an order. The retail store is just a bit to
far to drive to confirm my question so I thought I'd give the ever growing
tentacles of the internet a try. Does anyone use their retail or internet
store? If so are they still in business? If not and you are thinking of
placing an order with them I'd try giving them a call or e-mail first it
could save you a bit of frustration.