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The Special Ops H2H=EF=83=A4 Mindset encompasses the total spectrum of
attitude of the fighter. It starts with a capability that is always
ready to be set into motion. It then implements this capability with
a positive attitude that refuses to be controlled by a hostile
environment by being proactive. This attitude is always in control so
that the desired goal is achieved; he is always winning.

Always Ready

What is your get ready position? Were you ever trained to have one?
Was it a =E2=80=9Chigh guard=E2=80=9D with your knee bent and all your weig=
ht on the
rear leg? Are we going to take the time to get into this position
when we are caught off guard? Try telling the bad guy to wait until
we are ready.

Of course you won=E2=80=99t be given the chance! So what is the solution?
Simply, it is to be ready in whatever position we are. Sitting,
standing, even sleeping, we are ready. I know this sounds strange,
how can we be ready if we are sleeping? We are refering to the
positions of the body. If you are sleeping and find someone on top of
you, where you are is your =E2=80=9Cready position=E2=80=9D; you are ready =
to fight,
right now! To achieve this we will adopt a mindset that affirms our
deepest beliefs that we have been superiorly educated and that we
cannot fail. That is because Special Ops H2H=EF=83=A4 is comprised of natu=
movements and can be used from any angle or plane. When we are
properly educated and trained we will always be in our =E2=80=9Cget ready=

Always Proactive

Being proactive implies several things. It says we have a positive
attitude about our abilities and ourselves. It shows our will to
succeed, a will to win.

It says we are aggressive. We don=E2=80=99t wait for an action to happen to
us, we make the action happen. This does not mean that we go out
looking for a fight, or even that we move first if we merely feel
threatened because of our own lack of fighting knowledge. We mean
that we have a mindset to maintain a first strike capability even if
we move second. We seize the initiative and not give ground to our
would-be attacker.

By implication we are looking for threats and behavior that will clue
us in to violent behavior, and reviewing our options when we need to
eliminate a threat.

Always in Control

We are not merely interested in situational control, which many in law
enforcement try to accomplish. We also are interested in a mindset
that is controlling the attacker during a violent encounter and in
controlling ourselves through education and training.

It is important to learn anatomy, the reaction of the body to pain,
and human movement when learning any fighting techniques. This way we
know the effects our actions have; we know how the subject will re-act
to our actions. We will be able to predict where he will be and what
he will look like. Therefore we can know what we will do; we will be
in control of him: we will succeed.

Being in control of ourselves takes education. We need to know our
targets and the effects our actions will have to cause pain, injury
and death. When we are properly educated, we know how to completely
eliminate the threat, and we will not kill or maim unintentionally.
We will not have the excuse of not knowing the consequences of our
actions. We are trained completely to avoid needlessly causing injury
and death.

Always Winning

We will not fail. Our mindset, our beliefs, our abilities are
controlled by our minds and our minds control our body and its
actions. Our actions =E2=80=93 actions not re-actions =E2=80=93 control th=
e subject
and his actions. Everything is in our favor; we refuse to play by the
rules and make our own that only benefits us. We guarantee our own
victory, our survival, and the way of life we have.

Take a look at anything that has been successful, do you notice a
pattern? The more (most) aggressive, the one on the offensive, with a
positive, winning attitude wins every time. We cannot be these things
without educating ourselves and then applying it to training. The two
go hand in hand. We must educate our minds, then we can take the
principles we have learned and incorporate them into our training
based on that education. A dog can be trained; we are not interested
in mere training. We want to use our minds to fight. It is the most
important weapon we have.

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>attitude of the fighter.

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