24 Jun 2003 16:14:12
CHOS TKD - witchcraft

Both Cho boys via Shaun Leskow and his wife who think she's a witch,
try to role-play people and control people via their sorrowful
attempts at energy manipulation/spells.

My girlfriend, oops, I mean Virginia Newbon has taken on this coven
and all the sorrowful self-declaring witches alone, and completely
neutralized all their spells, neutralized all their attempts at energy
manipulation, and she even laughs at their level of intelligence. "Not
real bright" is her conclusion of the entire witchcraft mass at Chos
TKD www.chos.com.

Now, the Cho boys Won & Ung, whom have been declared as having
etiquette as spoiled little children by Bruce Lee spys, are very upset
with me badmouthing them like this. But, they have a problem in
respect and boundary violation, my boundarys to be exact. I never
joined their school to have Shawn Leskow owner of Chucks Auto
(414)933-6240 to leach onto my life due to his wifes psychotic visions
of me eventually being famous in Hollywood. Shawn became the spiritual
mentor for the immature Cho boys, and their mother and their father,
because the Korean achievement of "metaphysics" was actually low
leveled compared to average Americans involved in metaphysics and
witchcraft. But Shawn Leskows wife also is low-level skilled in these
areas, compared to the American mainstream. The Cho boys, can't seem
to figure this out, acknowledge it, acknowledge that I don't want this
parasite traversing or accessing my life via my involvement with Chos,
so therefore I don't go back.

Shawn has the Cho boys (Won & Ung) quite hooked and dependent, because
of their immaturity. And as long as the Cho boys remain engaged and
active with Shawn Leskow, I will not rejoin their school, and not
return to Wisconsin. The boys are not grown up, and do not want to
grow up, and want me to adhere to "not growing". My girlfriend, er
Virginia, could easily overthrow the entirety of Chos via energy
manipulation, and brainwash their mother, but she has ethics nad has
no incentive to do this. At least not yet. *grin*.

She whipped this coven, which is statewide in Wisconsin, involves the
psychotic Stephanie Frieboth who thinks she's supposed to be my wife,
involves Won Chos wife who thinks it's a secret that she's into
witchcraft, and on & on & on are the things that Chos think no one
knows. Like I said, they are very prehistoric in their thinking and

Their fighting is supreme, and globally dominant. That's my conflict,
you have to put up with cave-man thinking and assaultive attitudes
from the Chos to get their training in their fighting/style. Good
comes with the bad I guess. Maybe they'll wise up and see that their
unethical with their secret plans to use my life and dump the little
scant Shawn Leskow again whos wife is mockery of witchcraft, and grow
up a little. I could just tell Virginia to exercise their energy
against them, but she might not want to violate their boundarys.

We'll see. www.chos.com

Chom Son Cho, for being as gifted and superior as he is, thinks on
grade school levels, and has grade school tact. His country is owned
by the United States, Jewish investors to say the least, and his Un
Yong Kim as good as he is, too, is completely Abiding to American
policys and investments. So the self-grandeure that they shine on
themselves, really is counterfeit.

Hmmm, maybe I'd do them a favor if I got Virginia to over-ride the
witches that have them leashed like idiots.

19 Jan 2004 11:26:44
Steve Gartin
Re: CHOS TKD - witchcraft

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