06 May 2008 23:43:48
Jason Quinn
no juggling for me.... chest infection

I finally went to the doctor after three weeks of terrible coughing. The
coughing started at the end of the wimpest cold I ever had... barely a
sore throat, barely a runny nose. The cough phase however was other story.
The doctor asked me to get a X-ray and, sure enough, it turns out I gained
a bacterial chest infection at some point. I'm now on antibiotics and
don't not to do any exercise at all for 10 days. Winter's approaching too.
Losing ten days at this time really stinks. By the time I'm back to normal
it will have been a month solid lost.

I'm curious how professional performers handle getting sick. In particular
for those type that book theatre or circus style work in blocks of a month
or two. How sick is too sick to perform? For instance, right now I can
juggle but not very well. What is the typical clause/s in your contract
regarding such circumstances? For many non-juggling contracts you still
get paid even if you have to take a couple weeks to recover. If you book a
theatre for 3 months for $15k, and you only perform 1.5 months worth
because of some illness had you bed ridden for 6 weeks, are you likely
only going to get $7.5k?

Even for one-shot gigs, how does it work? If you had no clause in your
contract, a nightmare scenario might be a juggler gets sued for not living
up to their obligations of the agreement if they end up not performing.
("I lost money at my event because I had to refund tickets because you
didn't provide the entertainment I promised to the audience...") I don't
know much about the law in these cases. Any testimonials?


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