31 Aug 2004 15:12:46
juggler crash space near Savannah (Georgia, USA)?

Rod Kimball and I will be driving from Orlando to Charlotte for the
Hurricane Hugo festival this weekend.

We're coming up 95 through Savannah and continuing west on 26. Is there
anyone in Savannah or within about an hour of it on that route who would
be willing to put us up for the night of Thursday, September 2? We'd be
happy to offer you a one-way ride to the festival the next day.

We don't smoke, we bathe, and we're quiet -- well, Rod is.

Please email me directly: viveca@jugglerNOSPAM.net except for that CAP


And looking forward to seeing any rec.jugglers at the festival.


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01 Sep 2004 10:24:07
Adria M Moskowitz
Re: juggler crash space near Savannah (Georgia, USA)?

I'll post this on Performers.net for you.
Sorry I can't help out, I'm a "tad" west of that (Washington).