For all you Wes Peden fanatics out there
He's got a website now. Check it daily for monthly updates. www dot wespeden dot com ~Joe Showers -- ----== posted via ==----

The next Video by Dietz!
Hi Jugglers! Here is one more! Is it the last one? NO! When is video 11 comming out? At first the videos with the easy tricks!

[video]The Juggler on the Roof (3b)
Hey! I find it on youtube: I think its really cool... -- ----== posted via ==----

CJ Smith New Promo Routine
Here is a new choreographed routine ~ -- ----== posted via ==----

any diaboloers going to the Annual MadFest Juggling Festival,
I'm looking forward to the Annual MadFest Juggling Festival, but it's quite a drive to get there. I'm wondering if there are any daiboloers going there, so it can be worth my while to drop i...

8 ball shower- Bruce Sarafian Wow.

(video) so happy
hey just released this, am trying to get it on jtv so i can put it in the video database but for now enjoy! luke h. -- ...

Massimiliano Truzzi interview in realplayer? Massimiliano Truzzi interview-does any one have it? The file apears to be corrupted. I guess it's just been removed from the site,...

WANTED - Female juggler to perform LED/Glow Juggling duo
Feeding the Fish are looking for a female juggler to work with during 2008. Mostly club juggling and swinging. Dance experience is essential. Shows will be international, however a UK base w...

Liberace with Lucas or Brunn
Is anyone aware of video of jugglers performing with Liberace? Albert Lucas toured with him for three years, and I believe Francis Brunn also performed with Liberace. There's a video at yo...

Gran Canaria Jugglers?
Hello, i search Jugglers from Gran Canaria to make juggling video in Gran Canaria send me mail please: ursepio(aet) thanks! -- ----=...

heavy plate flipping
I recall Gatto saying he crumples every page of the daily newspaper to strengthen his grip. I bet tossing these plates would also do the trick:

Absolute last chance to pre-reg for the Scottish
Due to popular demand (and because we are kind-hearted organisers) we are extending the pre-registration period to the 18th January 2008 to let those of you who were too skint after chrimbo ...

BJC prereg, and the t-shirt competition
Before Christmas we announced that if we had 100 people pre-registered in 2007, we'd pick one of them at random and give them a free BJC t-shirt. We didn't quite get 100 p...

frisbee style juggling
I was watching Otavio Alegria and Piccaso Jr do their frisbee style juggling, it was amazing! I was wondering if it would be possible with a plastic spinning there a ...

A-Z Video Converter
Hi rec.jugglers, I remember a post asking for useful video converters. I just stumbled upon A-Z Video Converter which is available for free download at:

WJF5 Women's Division
Are there any UK female jugglers thinking about competing in the WJF5 Women's Division? Thanks

(video) Personal Best
I finally beat Dnaygs after one week of training. Also: 142 catches with 8 balls. -- ----== posted via w...

Evolution of juggling
I'm currently reading Darwin's diary of his trip on The Beagle. I found an interesting bit where he's in South America and is impressing the locals with his magic such as matches and his com...

strange training
Hello Rec.juggling! Recently for diving I've started a new progressive training regime, its intended to strengthen the muscles around the eye socket to increase my ability to spot...

Juggling Groups in Milwaukee????
Okay... I've picked up my clubs after many years and decided I should try getting together with some local jugglers. However, Milwaukee seems to not have *any* IJA listed groups!...

performance possibilities
Take a look at and see if you can find anything you might add to your performance. A number of female jugglers are doing some acrobatics, e...

world jugglin day
its winter its bloody wet its bloody cold the scotish and chocfest are soon BUT its still bloody winter. stick world juggling day in y...

ebay auction my girlfriend just started making beanb...

Atlanta Juggling Festival
I was just wondering if anyone here has ever been to the AJA groundhog day juggling festival. I just started juggling this past spring and I live in a pretty rural community in south georgia...

circusfestival you shouldn't miss!
ok so here's the deal. in one and a half week, on the 18th and 19th of january there's a circusfestival in Tampere in Finland called Circus Ruska Fetival. what's so special about...

[Video] Sunlight None The Twelfth of the series. Like most of the videos in the seri...

Waterloo Juggling Festival, March 15-16, 2008
I would like to take a quick second to publicly announce that the date for the 16th Annual Waterloo Juggling Festival has finally been set. It will be held March 15 and March 16, 2008 at the...

Anyone From South Bend Indiana Area?
Anyone From South Bend Indiana Area? Visit my website at! -- ----== posted via ==----

Juggling Myths
I thought it might be interesting to discuss juggling myths: Things that heard happened that really didn't or things that did happen when you heard they didn't. I'll begin with Albert Lucas...

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