Noticing the drops
I am currently performing with Birdhouse Factory in various venues up and down the West Coast (USA). We just played in Modesto, California, this week, and received this review - http:/...

Yet another "Help me choose my clubs" thread
I'm looking for a new set of clubs to get myself for christmas. I'm currently using three eclipse clubs (one-piece, "american" clubs) and am thinking of moving up to a set of more quality cl...

Circus life...
Hey y'all... So, as of Friday September 28th, I've been on the road with Circus Ricardo. I left my house at 8am. 7 hours and 4 trains later, i arrived in Walton-On-The-Naze, the h...

monkey knuckles
I posted on here a while back about a prop I've created called monkey knuckles... I've updated the website now and there's some new video clips posted. Also, anyone interested in picking up...

durham juggling festy
11yrs later we hit a pinacle of perfection. the convention became a festival smiles became contagious attendance became compulsory. Durham 13/14 oct. ...

Video Editing
I've been juggling for nearly a year now and I want to make a juggling video to put on youtube. Since i'm completely new to video editing I was just wondering if any of you seasoned video ed...

Luke Burrage 3 ball Basics 2003 [video]
Hi people, I recently bought a new external harddrive to help move chunky files between computers and stuff. I found some more bits of that DVD project from 2003-2004 so her...

Antipoden/foot juggling
I am looking for some info on antipoden- surprisingly i found nothing in regards to antipoden on this board. I also found hardly anything on google. So if you know a book on the techni...

Falcore juggling
I am not falco but I noticed he posted this vid in AG forum some 3 days ago and hasnt posted it here so I thought I'd post it... its an absolute gem!! One of the best 3-4 ball video ever mad...

my new video(carey)
If anyone cares I made a little video: -- ----== posted via ==----

[OT] Download Youtube Videos
Hi everyone! Is there e a way to download juggling videos from youtube? MEDIA-CONVERT doesn't seem to work anymore, neither does VideoDownloader under Firefox. Or am I doing somet...

SIRCUS 2007 - Cleveland, Ohio, Festival
Please join us at St. Ignatius High School for the SIRCUS festival Oct 27-28. For more information, see We need peformers for the Saturday nig...

[3 ball video] Kantor
Hi there! I just put my new video online. Use VLC player or Divx player to play it. > right clic Save target as... Take care Jim ...

JoJ Ep21 : M-Clicks and P-Flicks
Date: October 1st, 2007. Hosts: Richard "Reeses2150" Kohut and Freddy Sheed Topics: Great Juggling Instructions (WJF), CLUBS!!! (Rec.Juggling), and Not The Usual Suspects (Gatto) V...

Has anyone seen this juggling while surfing trick?
Perhaps I'm just out of touch but I'd never seen anyone do this. The guy claims it's some kind of wor...

looking for fun
i live to meet new friends i am on msn messnegr please add me i would love to chat with you

Veal [Video] The second one has nothing to do with juggling but I thought some people might like it anyw...

Can you do this stupid trick?
My mother in law sent this email out and I was going to just reject it as a stupid chain letter. However, stupid tricks with body parts intrigues me somehow so I tried it out. I wasn't abl...

BRJF show lineup...
.. has been posted and it looks like it's going to be amazing. Matt Hall, Jonglissimo, Peter Irish, Joe Showers, Marcus Monroe,...

practicing music
Do you listen to music when you practice? If so, what? Can you remember what you were listening to when you did something impressive? Jacob by the way, for me, techno is best but anyt...

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