Lighters for Juggling Torches
Hi there, I have been doing fire juggling for a little while now, and up to now I have been using a standard kitchen lighter to light my torches. However, sometimes (especially at...

Juggling magazines in UK?
I've noticed before that there are quite a few juggling magazines in america, and available on american based websites. But are they're any magazines available in the UK or that can be sent ...

Idea for Luke Burrage
I was watching you're Diabalo video (studio version) and i had a great idea for you. At the end when you take the final bow on you're knees take off the Top Hat and pull ou...

Philly fest photos
Hey everyone. I posted some photos from the Philly fest last weekend. Hope you like. ...Jason... :)

Help Me Improve!
I want to make my blog interesting for readers other than myself. Could you take a few moments to browse my blog and make suggestions or criticisms? What do you think makes a juggling blog w...

As a juggler?
Do you classify yourself as a juggler? Or are you just someone who juggles? Maybe this is a stupid question. Like, I play tennis. I play tennis pretty well, and pretty much three to fo...

[Video] The Park
A video I made when I had a day off from classes at College. I wasn't trying to be super technical or make personal bests here. Just trying to make a nice artistic video, seeing as how I've ...

David Cain videos on Youtube
Most of you have seen most of these videos, but for those who haven't, I've posted most of my videos on youtube. Check them out at;

{Video} King of Swing
My new video, mostly strange 3 ball stuff and what not. Comments appreciated. Reuben ---------...

[video] "That's It" Ball Passing Record
Bruce Bailey and Doug Sayers have posted a video of 11, 12, 13, and 14, ball passing. Neither Bruce (2007 5 ball 'X-Juggling' Champion) nor Doug (2007 WJF Intermediate Bal...

Tips on learning to do a handstand
I've always wanted to be able to hold a handstand but I've never gotten better than 1 minute. Does anyone know of exercises or workouts you can do to master the handstand? Then o...

Easy five ball site swaps
What do you all think are the easiest five ball site swaps (other than the obvious cascade 55555)? Something cool, but not too difficult. Thanks. Steven Ragatz -- --...

Question on records database
Hey guys, I've been wondering why so many of the records were set on 10-25-04. Is it just a typo or something? Almost all of Thomas' records were set on 10-25-04...

rubenstein revenge
i'm in the 3 ball orbit stage of the rubrnstein revenge but keep going into a 423 pattern any tips thnx -- ----== posted via ==----

[Workshop] Devilstick in Lille (France)
Hello fellow jugglers, There will be a devilstick workshop in Lille (north of France, you know, close to Carvin), from 10/27 to 03/11 . Jerome organizes it ( jojoil AT hotmail DOT...

Elton yes, Taupin no
When Elton John was still musical, his passion could ring and wring more from a song than the tune or the words could cover. The lyrics were mostly in the way, rarely making any sense and o...

HLCGB (Portland)
I didn't go, but I want to know how it went. I stumbled onto this video of Matt Hall at the fest doing 5b mills www.icantstopjuggling.blogspot.c...

Lost Clubs at Bristol
I know it’s a bit late but I lost 3 white Henry’s Classics at Bristol and couldn’t find them in the lost property. They’ve got ‘Dan’ written on the knobs (bought them from a bloke called Dan...

Ring Multiplexes
I've not really done anything with rings for a couple of decades, so I've just now started exploring new (to me) things. One thing I've tried is multiplexes, but I'm not too pleased with the...

360 spins?
I've tried half heartedly to do 360 spins while juggling a 3 ball cascade, only throwing one ball up in the air to spin around and catch it, but it doesn't seem quite right. Are you meant to...

Styles of juggling?
What kind of styles of juggling are there, i've only heard of technical, just curious if there were any others? -- ----== posted via ==----

[New Karas Video] Normal Like You
Hey everyone, I just finished my new juggling video entitled "Normal Like You" and just before the deadline that I set for myself - 10/10/07. I hope you enjoy it. Here are t...

Endless 3 club backxx
Hey guys, there's no real question here, well actually there is: what's the matter with this guy??? 1 hour ...

The Beat of the Diabolo(Video)
Hi Peoples! This is my new video: Good quality streaming and download: Youtube: http://u...

durham juggling convention
our website is updated. details on the convention (and more) come check it out. book your train tickets. fill your c...

How to teach kids?
Hy! I wan't to make a juggler-facultat(or i don't know what...) for kid's... And i wan't to read about how to teach juggling for kids... For kids how are absolutly beginners... I t...

The Fall of the Gatto Forum
The Fall of the Gatto Forum Rome did not fall; it gradually declined and assimilated into other cultures. The same is true of the once mighty Gatto Forums. There was a time when i...

3-Ball 1 Hand Cascade
I'm the only one the jugglingdb records list as being able to do the three ball cascade with one hand. Surely this can't be true! I could use some company in there, if anyone would like to...

New Club
Hey people. I just became a member of the Jacksonville Jugglers today in Florida and it feels really good. Today was the first "non-solo" juggling I've done in a long time and it feels ...

Public show fatigue
This is a topic I've been wanting to post for a while but reading the Philly fest HLGCB I decided I really need to. This is what I mean by public show fatigue: having seen 70-100% of t...

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