*** Passing *** Return Bashes
Here's a flashy trick that will work in 4-count ("every others") or 2-count ("express," "showers"). After a pass, gather a second club in your right hand. Swing the pair of clubs in your rig...

New Mexico
Hello, Jonathan Root of Team Rootberry here, We are looking for a place to stay in New Mexico anywhere in New Mexico but the closer to Hobbs NM the better. We will be traveling on

olympic WJF symbol
With the all speculation of juggling becoming an olympic sport I just wanted to point out that the most obvious symbol has already been tacken! check out www.olympic.org/uk/sports/prog...

Nottingham 1 dayer - date check?
About to decide on a date for a Nottingham (UK) one dayer in March 2005. Anyone know any other one dayers, juggly things happening on the 5th or 12th of March that we should avoid clashing w...

97531... at last
It may have only been one round.... I may have only made 5 throws of the cascade after the trick.... I may have droped one of the balls when gathering up the cascade.... But I did it. ...

my IJA2004 dvd now available
I put together a DVD of the various things I filmed at the IJA. actually, it contains almost exactly what you see at http://lutkus.com/juggling/performance/IJA2004/ and http://lutk...

Crawley Photo's Wanted
Does anyone have any photo's of last years Crawley convention that they wouldn't mind sending me to be used in a display at this years convention. Many thanks Dave

behind-the-back with 3-clubs
Sometimes I am able to do a behind-the-back pass and continue. I throw the club before the pass as a double to allow more time to deal with the passed club. Any pointers?

Comments from an American
I was unable to attend the IJA convention this year. However looking at the IJA convention pictures and the EJC convention pictures, I can only come to the following conclusions: ...

Concentrating on one prop
I've started getting more into clubs recently, and not owning a matching set of beanbags anymore, I've hardly touched the things. This will probably reverse come winter. My questi...

To my surprise....
I was shopping in Sainsbury's for some beers today when, to my surprise, I saw that they sell sets of 3 juggling balls for 99p. How rare! Now I might sound dumb for saying this but JS is the...

[OT] Newsgroup Study
[If you are a regular of this group and willing to help a fellow juggler with her study, please read on. If my email is of no interest to you, please accept my sincere apologies.] ...

New video at jugglebum.com
Hey everyone I just finished a new video, theres lots of new stuff mostly transitions into mill mess variations, and quite a few other tricks. Hope you enjoy www.juggle...

EJC Safari pics
I was slurring drunkenly at some German girl about my EJC safari. well here it is. Click "up" to get to my other ejc pics, but they're not as good, nor as relevant, as the ones already post...

IJDb Monthly Announcement
------- IJDb Monthly Announcement ------- The Internet Juggling Database (IJDb) announcements are intended to share information about juggling events and developments. You can find f...

rec.juggling FAQ
These are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the rec.juggling newsgroup. If you are new to the newsgroup or are unsure about what it is acceptable to post, please take a few minute...

I just checked out Jason Garfield's web site. What an ego maniac! He is the reason I hate hanging out with other jugglers. I guess it's the "look what I can do" attitude the gets me. Is it n...

cigar boxes
Does anyone know a website where it is explained how to build cigar boxes? - the dimensions, weight, how to make them solid? I think they are too expensive...

4b 2h sf wimpy (4x,4x)
Hai, I 've been getting very frustrated over the last three days with this pattern. Since I 've learned myself juggling and I do not know anyone else who can teach me, some t...

hello all. i am training for 5ball mm and have read all the articles that i could locate. a lot of the authors recomend learning from a cold start. could some one be kind enough to ex...

EJC - long and maybe dull !
'ding 'ding'ding'ding'ding PASTA Just like the "No Dogs" - of which their were many I, as a No Juggler, was allowed to go to EJC in Carvin (that's near Lille at the top of France, in...

Juggle Magazine old issues
Hi! I'm looking for some older issues of Juggle Magazine, and I was wondering if anyone had some copies they were looking to get rid of, because I'm not going to pay around fiftee...

First Five Five-Ball tricks
Finally, after half a year of struggling Ive made over 100 catches with five (108 to be more precise - hurrah!!). It feels like a good time to start practicing other stuff than the cascade....

This message is just a test. I know that it will upset some people. ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Possible solution to peoples bandwidth problems?
One of the major complaints that gets raised any time anyone ever posts a video file on rec.juggling is that the server it's hosted on is too slow, and that people can't download the file i...

#3 New best site for jugglers
I have control over juggle.com now, and am setting up plans for creating the best community and information website for jugglers. I'm going to need help. the site will be in: PHP ...

Who did you go to the prom with?
In this thread please post the name of the person you went to the prom with. If you are worried about privacy, just post their first name. What did you wear to the prom? I...

#2 Scot Nery's perfect how-to DVD
I'm producing a new how-to juggle DVD. This is for non-jugglers interested in getting started, or recieving a gift. I'd like to make it answer most of the questions that a newbie ...

#1 new website for Scot Nery
hey everyone, my new website is launched. You need flash 6. http://www.jugglegood.com Two more discussions, Scot Nery

EJC and WJF numbers
I notice the WJF promo video claims the meeting will be "...most highly attended juggling convention in history" and given EJC was > 4500, it gonner be a bit tight in those ho...

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