30 Dec 2004 08:51:54
Interesting multiplex notes

Hi All,

I've just created a page in JuggleWiki on the evolution of multiplex split
tricks and stumbled upon
something interesting while I was doing it. I realised that it's possible
to do 3 ball splits [21], 5 ball
triplex splits [221]. Also, 7 ball quadriplex splits [2221] is valid but
that's too difficult for me to
attempt right now. The 2's are self throws and the 1's are also thrown up
but immediately grabbed by
the other hand.

Some people may be saying "but these siteswaps don't accurately depict
what is really happening". I
know but I used this approach to understand how the tricks evolve but I
also included the synch
siteswap in the page I created as well.
The page on multiplex splits can be seen here:

I also recorded myself doing [221] which can be seen here:

Let me know what you think.
~ Dan

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