06 May 2008 14:02:36
Luke Burrage
EJC 2008 Open Stage - information for performers.


Please post share this information other forums or anywhere else you think
is appropriate. The information can be downloaded as a PDF from the EJC
website: http://ejc2008.de/index.php?pid=49

The EJC open stages are becoming more and more popular, both with the
audiences and the performers wanting to take part.

Over the past few years this has lead to 5 artists turning up to do
something on the first Open Stage of the EJC... and 30 acts wanting to
perform on the final night! This means that we always had the right number
of performers, but still had to turn people away.

To better organize the Open Stages this year we are putting a different
system in place. It will happen like this:

1. On Sunday there will be a midday meeting in the Open Stage venue for
anyone who wants to perform on any night.

2. The Open Stage team will take all the details of all the artists and
ask which night they want to perform, or if they are okay with performing
any night.

3. We'll sort out who is performing in the first Open Stage that Sunday

4. Once we have all the info, we'll make up provisional running orders for
the other 6 Open Stage shows. We'll try to let everyone perform on the
night they want, but we'll ask people to move round if there are too many
artists for one show, or if there are 6 diabolo acts in one show and none
in another, or if we have all French jugglers one night and all Japanese
the next. In other words, by planning in advance we can have consistently
varied shows.

5. Before and after the Open Stage show on Sunday all the artists can come
back and get confirmation on what night they will be performing. This will
all be covered in the initial meeting, of course.

6. There will be another meeting on Monday afternoon (probably 4pm in the
Open Stage tent) where other artists can turn put their name down if they
missed the first meeting or if they are just arriving at the convention.
And depending on how many people have signed up, another meeting later in
the week.

Also, by signing people up in advance we can plan the technical setup and
rehearsals more efficiently, the hosts of the shows can get to know those
performing, any questions can be answered, we'll be able to advertise who
is performing in advance so people don't miss their favorite act, and (the
best thing) the shows will actually start on time and not run to 3 hours
with no break.

To make things easy, if you know already that you'd like to perform on the
Open Stage this year, send an email to openstage@ejc2008.de with the
following information.

Prop or skills performed:
Style of act:
Duration of act:
Which show? (Sunday to Saturday):
Where in the show? (start, middle, last act, etc):
Do you have any special technical requirements? (please keep to a

Fire shows are not allowed in the Open Stage big top.

Finally, what happens if too many people sign up? There are 7 shows, and
we are aiming for about 10 to 12 acts per show, so if more than 80 people
sign up we are pushing things a bit. If it looks like too many acts are
wanting to take part, we'll have to make a selection on who will perform.
There is never an entirely fair way to do this, so for now we have decided
to select who will perform over who based on the following considerations:
1. How many of the same prop/skill/style of act have signed up. If there
are 20 diabolo acts and 1 devilstick act, the devilstick act will perform.
2. The quality of the act. We'll have plenty of time to review certain
acts and if there is a large difference in the quality between two or
three acts, we'll come down on the side of the audience, who want to see
the most interesting/creative/unique/new/skillful/clean/professional show
3. If for some reason there isn't time to review the acts beforehand, it
will be down to whoever signed up first.
4. The producer of that night's Open Stage show has the final say, as they
are the person who is responsible for the show starting on time, not
running over and the overall quality.

So, to make sure you get to perform, sign up quickly and get practicing!


EJC Open Stage Team

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