Spofforth & Lockwood: A Common Devilry
"No matter how long I had batted or how many I had made, I could never trust Lockwood; at any moment he would let go the unplayable ball, perhaps not for hours, but you could never be sure."...

Australian cricket team toured Zimbabwe
The Australian cricket team toured Zimbabwe in the 2004 season to play a series of three Limited Overs International matches. The tour was boycotted by spin bowler Stuart MacGill. http:...

Jaques to partner Hayden?
Both Jaques and Rogers are in Pak opening for Aus A Jaques has scored > 152, 82, 136 and Rogers > 56, 0, 54 btw, both of them performed below par for their respective ...

Sad Format
South Africa may get out of the semis by losing just one match by 40 plus runs. Geting out of the tournament by losing a semi final happens. But, I can live with that.


alvey you must be pleased
Lee takes a wicket in both of his first two overs. CDK

Watson does a hamstring- what a surprise
Watson immediately clutches him hamstring and he's in some discomfort there. He goes off and will be replaced by Symonds, who looks as if he will be bowl his medium pacers today 18.2 ...

Hmm- I don't follow 20/20
16.2 Watson to Mubarak, OUT, slower delivery, the offspinner and the pressure told on Mubarak, trying to clear extra cover with a drive off one knee but Symonds makes no mistake, stepping ...

How many Aussie fans will barrack for Sri Lanka this time round?
Much as it goes against the grain to want someone to beat Australia, this time round, I'm hoping that the Aussies will get spanked by Sri Lanka. That arsewipe Howard just has to g...

Twenty20 race for semifinals
The race for reaching the twenty20 world cup semifinals is hotting up. Pakistan has made it to the semifinals and the winner of the Australia - Sri Lanka match would make it to the semifinal...

Now that was a good set of T I T S
that was one way of looking at it i suppose, but i still think that i made the mistake early on. Anyhow, thanks for the help ok, i will review your message in more detail and see if i can re...

Indians and Pakistanis together.....
.... cheering for Pakistan against Australia? Vicky:

Looks a sold out case!

The intriguing cricketing life of W.H. Cooper
William Cooper played his last first-class match in 1886/87, long before Bernard Bosanquet's notorious quadruple-bouncer famously did for the hapless Sam Coe. CricketArchive, however, dubs...

Fucken hell.
Can anybody explain how Fucken got BoG in the 2020 against the poms? Who was the judge? Dave Gilbert? alvey

Anyone interested in the 20/20?
I can't get motivated at all.

Laxman Is The Best Candidate To Succeed Dravid As Captain
Pawar has an agenda - he wants fellow Maharashtraian Tendulkar to be the next captain. For the sake of Indian cricket, he must let go of his parochial agenda. Laxman is the obvious choice to...

England are through to next round of T20 World Cup
Who could make it to the next round from GROUP B between England, Australia and Zimbabwe. The equation is simple. If England wins, England and Zimbabwe would make it. If Australia wins,...

Twenty20 cricket world cup action
With Zimbabwe beating Australia and Bangladesh defeating Zimbabwe, the twenty20 cricket world cup has been thrown wide open. Vote your choice here http://exceltemplates.blogspot.com/200...

Jane McGrath in complete remission
http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,22395454-2,00.html EXCLUSIVE by Kate Sikora September 11, 2007 01:00am HE is one of Australia's best cricketers but Glenn McGrath joking...

Twenty20 cricket world cup match timings and schedule
Keep in tune with the twenty20 cricket world cup with this useful spreadsheet. http://exceltemplates.blogspot.com/2007/08/twenty20-cricket-world-cup-spreadsheet.html Just us...

Shoaib Does It Yet Again
After saying Pakistan were deservedly the best team in the world (despite being ranked sixth) he has now been sent home from the 20/20 tournament after striking a fellow player with a bat....

Sat next to Frog..
..on a flight from Sydney to Dubai. He was very well spoken and polite. We mainly talked about English soccer, flying and totally bizarre things like handheld-game consoles and s...

Whats up with Ponting?
Anyone know whats up with Ponting? Apparently he hasn't flown out for the 20/20 World Cup with the rest of the team due to a family matter. -- "Being cool requires no work. Mostl...

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