Vale Eddie Barlow
Sadly he has passed away. Not a name that many people would recognise today, he was a fine cricketer.

We must be ruthless - Smith How much of an idiot is this man? "We must be ruthless" In the next breathe" We've discussed that and we must relax and let it ...

Aussie Run Rate
The Aussie run rate this series so far - except for the brief hour in last test when Symonds and Hayden blasted the bowlers - has been very slow. The first test ended in a draw, not enough...

Possiblity of no Boxing Day Test at MCG Essentially, RSA might want to have the Australians over there for the lucrative Boxing Day/New Years Tests one season in the not too distant. Seems fair ...

Fox Sports and up coming cricket series
Does anyone know if Fox Sports are going to be showing any of the Pakistan V India series and also the upcoming India V England series(March).

OT: images of MCG, including journey
Slightly off-topic, but for those travelling Melbournians who are home-sick, or for other cricket fans worldwide...I humbly offer you some daggy shots of the MCG, including the journey to ...

still testing
still got problems...

Graeme Smith post match interview
Has Graeme Smith given a post match interview yet? He can really dish out talk-the-talk, but has yet to walk-the-walk.

Slater Lobbies
Slate lobbied for a cricketer on ABC around noon today. He said (paraphrased here), "... he has done a lot to Australian cricket. He had couple of poor matches, but he deserves at le...

test again
fugg it...

test config check on double posts stupid Agent

Shane Warne
deserves to be dead. If ever I have hated anyone, iit is him. He's evil

Hussey MotM @ MCG
Bit of a surprise that. I thought; 1. Haydos 2. Punter 3. Roy Maybe the adjudicator, usually a local official, thought it was David. ...

Again Warne Is Best
Again now that Warne is fully fit and back on song he out bowls MacGill.

Well Australia has 3 century makers this match but each of them was dropped before they had reached 30. Without a doubt the major difference between the 2 sides has been the catching. Can...

How To Be A Crap Jerno: Lesson #38
Lesson: Never admit your past. The loathsome Andrew Ramsey from today's SMA. First two paras; "He was the all-rounder some thought couldn't bat or bowl but Andrew Symo...

The Spirit of the game
So... Aussies. How does Warney's pressurising of the umpires and your side's excessive ppealling sit with Mr Ponting's desire to uphold the spirit of the game? Your team were lovable losers ...

The Spirit of the game
So... Aussies. How does Warney's pressurising of the umpires and your side's excessive ppealling sit with Mr Ponting's desire to uphold the spirit of the game? Your team were lovable losers ...

Bad Captaincy
IMHO I think Ponting has once again got it wrong. I would have spin from one end and 4 over spells from Lee , McGrath & Symonds at the other end.

Well done Symonds
Missed seeing it as I was driving home from Melbourne but it sounded something. Was very impressed with his bowling and its amazing what confidence does for a player.

Enough runs to win?
I have my doubts. With Gibbs and Rudolph the Red Necked Batsman in form and If Kallis and Smith fire the Seth Efricans will win.

Bucknor needs a rest
First gives out Hodge because he can't tell the difference between leather on wood and wood on pad.. then loses track of how many balls Pollock has bowled.. Time for a holiday Ste...

Hayden is God's gift, to God's game
another 50. You can count on a Qld'er. Cheerio

Nice bit of ground that, which Smiffy hit. Cya Huss...

Steve Bucknor
Once respected, but has now definitely passed his use-by-date.

Hodge is not The Answer
Too many holes in his technique, limited range of strokes, slow scorer and is a poor starter. alvey

Hayden's Runs
Hayden is less than 30 runs of being the 2nd highest run score for 2005, thats pretty good considering his form for most of the year.

A couple of simple questions Ken.
Did you claim I called Warne a hero for accepting the money from a bookie? Assuming you answer yes, do you stand by that claim? Simple yes or now for each question will suff...

roebuck on warne
yesterday, roebuck said on radio: "Shane Warne has the ability to know what the batsman is going to do next, and then to send down the exact ball they don't want" How do the den...

Worst noise I have ever heard
Anybody have an explanation for the worst rendition of the most appalling National Anthem on the planet?

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