Aussie A - 3 Strikes!
Where's the depth lads? After 5 days of consistent "aussie are the best ever", "our depth is our strength", "we could pick about 5 teams & still be world champs", "all other natio...

a new generation of chokers
Aus A doing australia proud

All time NZ XI v Oz XI
A few village idiots in here tried to select their all time NZ side - they were way off. As a big NZ cricket fan I'll give you a better version of the side along with my opinion on the best...

Follow on
How is it decided?? Is there a formula??

OMG Bangladesh slaughtered Zimbabwe
They must be classified as one of the best teams of all time now, wouldn't you say 3 strikes? On another note... good on them.

Relative strength of Asian XI
Some months ago we debated the strengths of various "continental" teams, Europe, Asia, Africa, Amercias and Oceania. RE: the European XI, someone (and I know who but that isn't important :-)...

Spoilt: Kiwis Shine in Charity Match
After all the NZ bagging in here lately is has taken just 1 day to shut you all up. Clearly the NZ trio were the stand out performers in yesterday's game. All 3 scored well with the bat & ...

Did anybody notice....
...that Gilly walked. Or has this topic, gone a bit gauche in this ng. == Kimon

Top 5 Individual Fund-Raisers
1. Ponting $265,000 2. Cairns $169,000 3. Sehwag $95,000 4. Dravid $75,000 4. Gilchrist $74,000 == Kimon

For Sale;- Signed and mounted Australia 2002 One-Day Cricket team jersey

Diamond Duck
Dont see many of those...

Cricket Auction
Someone has bid over $255,000 for the coin! Here was me thinking I might pick it up for $500.

Tsunami match fact check.
Just saw Sutherland of CA being interviewed live at the MCG by some local no-talent and was interested to note that Sutherland thanked everybody involved in arranging the fund-raiser. Ever...

World match televised?
Isnt the rest of the match on TV? WHAT!

ROFL@ Warne
How embarrassing!

Hayden selection
Remind me again why he was picked ahead of Roy? == Kimon

McGarth's elevation least, he didn't use up too many balls. == Kimon

hayden on fire
great form hayden u hak

Great Knock
Fantastic innings by Cairns, pleasure to watch.

I want Chris Cairns' bat
Nudge FOUR Nudge FOUR Dink over the in field SIX That's some bat!

Tony's favorite word
Its worth counting how many times Tony Greig says "correction" after he stuffs up.

Murali's 1st over
Ball 6 looked a jerkier as he went for more spin, but overall his action looks much better. At least he didn't seem to be scratching his right ear during the delivery. We'll see how he goe...

Top Performers in Tsunami Match
For mine, I feel that the top scorer in the match will be Stephen Fleming. One of the classiest batsmen in the world, very elegant and great against any attack in the world. Chris Gayle shou...

Best troll of 2005 - and the winner is XXX
3 strikes the winner of the ASC troll of 2005 A superb performance of trolling that I can't see been outtrolled this decade let alone this year. What makes a good troll. We...

live audio of the tsunami match online
hi everyone. can't wait to be at the MCG to see the match live today, and everyone on here can join in the great occasion by tuning into ...

Hi Folks I'm a confirmed starter for the WI-Pak game at the Gabba on Wednesday, 19th January. Let me know if you are coming and we can arrange to meet up, drink beer and ridicule ...

Hobart crowds
Did anyone see crwod figurse for the 2 AA v WI games? Can't have been more than a few thousand all up. I know some folk don't really care for the A team concept, but pretty pathetic all the ...

Fw: Best Team Ever!
Hi all, For those of you who frequent but not, here is a message posted by "3 strikes" in a couple of days back. He is of the...

Bob Parry = Aussie Cheat
That decision on Merv Dillon was absolutely disgraceful. Missing leg and need a 2nd set of stumps. This on top of the decision with Wavell Hinds being out LBW and Cameron White ...

Why is Bad Hands Brad (c) of the A side?
Can't imagine... alvey in briz, under the impression that it was an Oz maxim that keepers don't captain.

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