19 Apr 2004 13:55:14
Ken Wallis
It's official: Murali chucks


"Tolerance levels were recently introduced by the ICC - although not into
the Laws of Cricket - because research into fast bowling indicated that some
degree of elbow straightening was identified in 99% of cases. The natural
elbow flexion spanned from 3 to 20 degrees.

After the completion of these studies, fast bowlers were permitted to
straighten by 10 degrees, medium pacers 7.5 degrees and spinners five
degrees. The ICC also committed itself to further research, particularly
into the biomechanics of spin bowling.

The Muralitharan report will not only argue that the tolerance levels are
too low, but also question whether the correct criterion for distinguishing
the appropriate threshold should be the current pace of the delivery or the
speed of the arm - Muralitharan's arm speed is similar to a fast bowler.

Muralitharan's arm bend hovers around the 10-degree mark, a level that the
University of Western Australia team have concluded does not give him an
unfair advantage over batsman or other bowlers."

What a crock! Under the easiest possible conditions - 5 overs and
reportedly only 4 or 5 doosras bowled - Murali is shown to not only break
the Laws, but also the ICC tolerance levels on arm flexion, but UWA
determines he doesn't get an advantage from doing so and argues that the ICC
guidelines need to be changed!



19 Apr 2004 16:09:12
Re: It's official: Murali chucks

No advantage? He's allowed to bend his arm double the allowed amount and
that's no advantage?