27 Jun 2005 13:02:25
Stephen Brownlow
Fixing the lop-sided one-dayers

One-Day Cricket can be exciting, or dull and shortened.
For example team A bowls out team B for 100 runs in 30 overs, then makes the
100 runs with no risk in 15 overs. End of game after 45 overs. A rip-off for
the spectators.

Here is a plan that could revitalise these games...

Scenario A. First team to bat wins on first innings.
Other team then bats again to avoid an innings defeat.

Scenario B. Second team to bat wins first innings.
Winning team continues to bat until they are all out, or declare or until
their original 50 overs are used.
Other team then bats to avoid an innings defeat.

Scoring: Allow 4 points per match:
Outright win = 4 points
1st innings win = 3 points
Draw = 2 points
1st innings loss = 1 point
Outright loss = 0 points.

The number of overs available is the lesser of:
A. 100 minus the total overs already bowled. or
B. 50 overs.
So there is incentive for the stronger team to score its runs in less than
50 overs to give themselves more time to achieve the innings win.

30 Jun 2005 11:02:38
Truffle McRuffle
Re: Fixing the lop-sided one-dayers

you could just make the games two innings, with each limited to 25
overs and the follow-on score for the side batting second half the
first innings total of the side batting first.