27 Feb 2008 12:44:46
Australians are cunning sissies and born pussies - Harbhajan Singh

Apparently, Ponting kept having a go at Harbhajan in Adelaide, asking
him "to show what he had got" in the middle. Harbhajan, on his part,
had then cheekily remarked: "Mate, whatever I have shown in the middle
has been better than yours' in the series so far."

It appeared to have stung the Australian captain who asked Harbhajan
to "f... off" after the latter was dismissed. A departing Harbhajan,
on hearing so, stopped and turned round only to see Ponting disappear
among celebrating Aussies.

"They do it so well," Harbhajan said grudgingly "they keep the back to
you when they have something nasty to say to the opponent."

From http://tinyurl.com/3d6ylr