what a great surf weekend!
Man, from Thursday through Sunday, we've had the rockingest surf going on. Big, but not scary big. Sets solid 2x overhead. Long lines, low tides in the late PM when the crowd was getting tir...

ASKOTY2007 nominations closed. Polls open. VOTE NOW!!!
OK citizens, without further ado, here are the official candidates for ASKOTY2007: CyberKahuna (=3DTed Deits, CyberKook) Ferg jw NZ Alvin (a.k.a. Thurston, a.k.a. T...

A few January pics
No surfing but waves and paddle outs. Stormy pics. We had a huge storm surge and big swells that almost washed over a twenty foot high dune in front of my house. Along with it cam...

OT- how many a yas post from work poll
OT A mate (oops!) a friend of mine used to post to ngs from work and used to slag off people in ngs. He got in trouble and fired for: 1. using the computer at wor...

sanding advice
I have a board that I have taken travelling a lot. After being jammed into cars, trains, airplaines, and elevators, in addition to hitting a few rocks at breaks I was new to, it has sustaine...

"BLAZING LONGBOARDS" 1995 VHS Chris Bystrom OOP Rare
"BLAZING LONGBOARDS" 1995 VHS Chris Bystrom OOP Rare http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330203349578

Locals Only NYTimes slide show of surfer fashions
http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2008/01/11/magazine/20080113_STYLE_SLIDESHOW_index.html They might be serious

NS today -- 1/12/08 (pretty waves)
Caught scraps on the bodyboard before the contest. My "good" setup is in the shop so I used my Olympus 790. http://www.hisurfadvisory.com/photos/080112_bdso/080112_01.jpg http://w...

poll- what is your signature move, difference that makes the
Hi, A short As pol here- 1. Do you have a signature move in the surf? One that if yer mates were watching from the hill they would *know* its you? 2. What i...

oy mountan man
hope you and that lovely family had a great holiday and ny? Im coming yer way for a music gig, you gonna be round? TIna

By Crook or by Hook The Marksman
http://www.charloteweb.com/give-me-a-dollar http://www.charloteweb.com/give-me-a-dollar "The Bill" .... Ella Winstanley (1 episode, 2007) - Identity Fraud (2007) TV episode .... Ell...

NY Times "Maverick"
http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/12/sports/othersports/12surfing.html?hphttp://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/12/sports/othersports/12surfing.html?hp Pic at cite January 12, 2008

surf report: Long Live the Queen!
Man, yesterday was good at R! It was pretty darn crowded and my wave count would have been bigger at a lesser spot, but it was just looking so righteous out there that I had to go...

I'm looking for a particular People
KNOCK KNOCK You received this knock on your internet door, because I am looking for the descendants to the Ancient King David. Most of them would be of a scattered Negro (Black)...

One boot surfing (picture)

Swell Period - The Final Word - Tony, Pay Attention
I started a new thread so we can ass see Tonies ass pucker. I gave you ample opportunity to let the old thread die, but you Tony, have insisted on continuing this half assed debate spri...

Jon and the Nightriders
Does this mean anything to a.s.arinos? Rarity circa 1980, Jon and the Nightriders at the Whiskey a go go. Part of an upcoming film on the history of Surf Music. http://www.youtube...

TVS Shapes
Aloha! Being that I was sticking my nose back here, I decided to once again go in search of the owner or the shaper of the mysto freeway flier board I found way back in the day wh...

Mick Fanning sticker
Hi All, I am looking for the sticker of Fanning with his finger pointing to the sky celebrating his world title. Stephanie Gilmore had the same sticker on her board when she...

stud bodysurfer
Jaws? are they kidding? He must have a hand gun to do it http://www.goldcoast.com.au/article/2008/01/04/6515_gold-coast-lead-story.html The other part of story sounds like s...

Good Morning Aztlan
http://is.gd/vH There's a tattoo heart With an arrow through the middle Of a name that looks like Joe And a young girl's looking At her makeup in the mirror Puts a ...

http://groups.google.com/group/alt.surfing/about Top Poster of All time with 6556 posts >> Neal Miyake!!! GO SPONGE!!! W00T!! W00T!!! NN http://sanonofre.co...

News from the big swell
There's been a couple of noteworthy events amongst a lot of foam and whitewash, it has even stopped raining after about 15 days. Surfer rescued after being swept 7km A...

the united negro states of america
Do Americans really want a nigger running their country? Aparently so! Shaft Il mittente di questo messaggio|The sender address of this non corrisponde ad un utente ...

NS today -- 1/4/08
Bodyboarded a spot that favors a north swell. Surf was bigger than I expected, but with the NNE swing, getting in was pretty easy and felt mellower than it looked. Still some fun ones out th...

thanks jw
im glad you archived these videos. I dont think I have them around anymore and I really like this one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSv106yr4RY thanks td

A real hero bites the dust: Rimmon C. Fay - Requiescat in pace
Rimmon Fay was someone to whom anyone who surfs or surfed Santa Monica Bay owes a debt a gratitude. He has my greatest respect, admiration and thanks. It is literally a shame that he was kno...

More Science for Cyberkook
Ted (you fucking simpleton)- You have already tried to dispute a book written by a well respected scientist. The one and only Willard Bascom. Now, here's a little graphic taken from Dre...

Another lame piece of news about Brevard surfing
A 12 page special section on the $110,000 O'Neill Sebastian Inlet Pro surfing contest presented by Ron Jon. $500 photo contest by Florida Today, Contest phone number (to see if it is o...

Surfboard Size Chart
For those who want to check their Surfboard Size Chart, here's what I found: http://www.surfertoday.com/index.php/Board-Size-Chart/ Cheers,

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