The lee of the wrecked sloop afforded little shade, at least nothing of substance. Looking down at my arms I was sweating. The water was oozing from my pores forming beads, a body's desperat...

Anyone know of good Calif based sourced for prone or knee based paddle boards

Vacation in Paradise
Home movies from surf trip last year. I love this place and hope to get back this fall. enjoy, td

The landlord
The landlord paid a visit to collect rent at Marina Beach just north of where I live (12 minutes, door to water) here in Monterey. It appears the victim survived, witnesses indicate they s...

Neal Miyake...What's the deal w/ Superferry?
Why's everyone against it? Is this surfrider? a.

Rod - rack us some points
td and I each get two, he came by for dp last week in zooport on a blown out early morning. It was fun meeting you, td, thanks for the visit. We scored much better later that day ...

Readint NOAA Bouy Pages?
At the bottom of "Detailed Wave Summary" on there's a link labeled "Plot of wave energy versus frequency (and period)...

Happy 70th Mickey Muņoz - Mr Quasimoto
Mickey's big seven-oh. Celebrated at Doheny on Friday the 24th of August. Best wishes for many more ... -- "One thing I like about surfing, you don't have to win to b...

more SLACKTONE live at HB
Gotta love these guys. "Skateboard Commando" enjoy, td

Surfing Lake Erie
The promo showed surfers in Lake Erie. Not my "favorite traveler" but the waves looked a touch above "calm" The 'No Reservations' Shoot with Harvey Pekar Your favorite trave...

patagonia wetsuits
Anyone have experience with Patagonia's wetsuits ?

gulf surf pics
Well, I wanted to go diving today, but my buddy had to work. So I went fishing instead. Apparently I should have gone surfing. I guess I've been skunked so many times before that I di...

Paging "Q"
Look man, the lavatory is backing up, where's the plunger? Bond, J. MSS/LI, Acting

Finally a decent swell to hit the east coast this summer. There are some nice clean lines hitting the NC coast. Coming in chest high right now. I know this because I can see it ...

What a summer
OK, I have re-watched every surf video I own, re-read every TSJ and futilely checked swell models to know avail. Has the west coast summer been dismal or am I just living on the wrong part...

Longboard Dakine 2005 Merlot With a name like that it makes the surfer's wine list, with a rating of 92 it makes anybody's wine list, and with a price of $24 it gets in ...

Erin highlites
What Erin delivered and what I missed... The setup... eye candi ...

big pipeline vid
I just posted this video to YouTube: I'm going to take it down in a few days because it's not mine. Does anyone who frequents the sur...

I am bringing a decent south swell next week, no matter WHAT the evidence shows otherwise. Worse comes to worse I'll wolf down a couple bowls at Charlies, have the dorymen drop m...

dean headed into gulf???
Does anyone here still track Atlantic hurricanes? Dean is looking potent. Too bad the curve and re-curve are not going to happen. TX Gulf coast???

<forgive me for old news, I searched, but "buttons" turned up only references to actual buttons> Tripping through the channels last night I catch what appears to be a mug sh...

Hep Sponge!
R u getting any of that south swell fading hurricane stuff today? PHOTOS/NEWS FOOTAGE?

ES Sunday -- 8/12/07 (photos)
Tried out my new cam on Sunday at Sandys. Got some problems with downloading the images, but finally managed to do so today. As all cameras, this one will take time to get used to. Scratched...

Slacktone concert - HB
One of the many bands featured at the International Surf Museum's summer series of concerts at HB. Hope you enjoy. Slacktone performs "The Bells of St. Kahuna"

Online Wetsuit Deal
My funds are limited - even for this deal. I'm stuck to being unable to paddle the first morning out w/ one of my stiff, too tight for my ever-fatter butt suits. Not to mention I...

Granny celebrates his 90th Birthday!
Surf photography legend celebrates 90th birthday By: PAUL EAKINS - Staff Writer http://images.townnew...

what's this world coming to?
reading this off the ap wire: (08-13) 13:32 PDT Rochelle, Ga. (AP) -- A woman was arrested after she called police to help "get her money back" after she was unhappy with th...

Surf God! I lie upon the Sacrificial Altar!
All right, friends. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Ahem... Hear me, Huey, you Mean Surf God! I am leaving the beach for a few days! I will be far, far away from any ...

"Surf's Up" was surprisingly entertaining
That penguin surf flick "Surf's Up" finally hit the $2 movie theater, so my kid and I went to check it out. In a word, it was surprisingly great! Man, that movie is just filled ch...

ChinesePingyao518 http://www.py518.com World culture inheritance history famous city --- PingyaoWorldcultureinheritancehistoryfamouscity---Pingyao oldcity,histo...

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