access buoy reports from my site using internet enable cell phone (WML)
I just set up a web site that can display buoy reports through a cell phone web browser (WML). If you go to this URL from one of those phones:

First Light at Wind**Sea
5:45 AM: The Flying - Hawaiian -

Big Single Fin
Anybody gotta big fin lying around they don't want? I want to try out some big single fins on my longboard but I don't want to spend no monies. a.

GP Surf Forecast and No Law In Town
Steve "The Mind" of VaBeach dragged me to a local deli to inform me that despite my wishes for overhead surf and light offshores at this year's GP, "you'll just have to deal with consistent ...

had a buddy for blown out evening.
I was going to swim out anyway, K****'* at OB though it was blown and messy. Was just pulling out my stuff when a block down I saw someone w/ a wetsuit and fins walking out. Was...

Spotlight: Surfers were Brevard's other pioneers
The photo is probably more interesting to this group. June 10, 2007 Spotlight: Surfers were Brevard's other pioneers BY LYNN PICKETT FOR FLORIDA TODAY ...

make haste point report
Took a cab to ritas but it was too crowded, this is long weekend for the queens bday. Went 8 k more and HELLO! Was no one out and big barrels pumping off the point. Only problem w...

G&S Star Fins
Does anyone know where i might acquire some G & S Star Fins for a Twin Fin surfboard? Ive looked all over the internet with no luck. Thanks, JP

Spike Encounter: East Coast OZ
Another SPIKE ENCOUNTER EAST COAST OZ: Awesome swell pumping in this morning.

Tanker surfing in 18 m waves at Newscastle
Want big waves and a big wave riding vehicle - here is the mal to end all mals: On the news I heard tha...

New pages added to
New pages on 1. Stuart Lough took me on my first surfing trip and taught me how to surf. We lost contact with each other in the early-sixties and reconne...

It's Nat'l Rip Current Awareness Week!
Hey amigos y amigas! Are you all aware of rip currents? Did you know this is National Rip Current Awareness Week? Good! Tell all the feckles...

One reason to watch "John from..."
There are flashes of his brilliance. John From Cincinnati contains breathtaking surfing footage,0,70383.sto...

Moving reef
Check out the moving reef idea, looks like it has potential if they get it scaled it up to overhead. I suppose this is destined for a US theme park somewhere? http://www.waveloch....

What can I say?
I thought it would be a good idea, that was until the lip drilled me squarely in the back as I was trying to bottom turn and get under cover. Felt like a bug, my legs squirted of...

Looking for a great surf camp in Bali for beginners
Hello everyone, I am actually planning a surf trip in Bali in mid august to mid september and i am looking for a great surf camp for beginners. It's going to be my first time so i...

Looking for a great surf camp in Bali
Hello everyone, I am actually planning a surf trip in Bali in mid august to mid september and i am looking for a great surf camp for beginners. It's going to be my first time so i... http://www.charloteweb....

surf report: Muggles 6/3/2007
Misty, drizzly, gray morning. South swell. New spot to check that's supposed to pick up a south. We're on it at dawn, coffee cups in hand. Beachbreak coming out of a deep water ca...

Surfer news--The New York Times
June 3, 2007 Surf's Up, but the Water Is Brown By MIREYA NAVARRO Los Angeles TO the naked eye, Surfrider Beach in Malibu, Calif., couldn't be lovelier: on a ...

virtual drive by
Virtual drive bys coming to your hood next: lp

What happened in LJ? (Emery RIP)
BA and Tom and Tom, What is LJ coming to? I thought it was all preppied out? I'm heading out there soon. Hope things cool down before I get there. Aloha, neo

east coast May
Just a few I've had hanging around.... http://spo...

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