HI Surf Advisory updated -- 8/5/06
Finally finally updated my site (http://www.hisurfadvisory.com). Referenced some very old sessions, including: Cut -- 4/30/06 http://www.hisurfadvisory.com/sesh/new6/sesh664.htm <...

My backyard
Looking out my backyard. No, not waves. But a lot of weather here last week during a freak tropical- like storm. http://www.spectralmedia.com/video/backyard.mov This is time...

Shark at my home break?
I was at my spot at OBSF the other day when a critter appeared. It looked like a young shark. Rereading some of the literature and looking at pictures more or less confirms this, but I'...

OK, a question. Is Steve Lange spamming alt.s? Surff

Surf Report For dlai@gmail.com
Date: 7/16/2003 Time: dlai@gmail.com Spot: dlai@gmail.com Cond: dlai@gmail.com Swell: dlai@gmail.com Tide: dlai@gmail.com Surf: dlai@gmail.com ...

Surf Report For pcdac@gmail.com
Date: 7/16/2003 Time: pcdac@gmail.com Spot: pcdac@gmail.com Cond: pcdac@gmail.com Swell: pcdac@gmail.com Tide: pcdac@gmail.com Surf: pcdac@gmai...

Surf Report For daadj@gmail.com
Date: 7/16/2003 Time: daadj@gmail.com Spot: daadj@gmail.com Cond: daadj@gmail.com Swell: daadj@gmail.com Tide: daadj@gmail.com Surf: daadj@gmai...

Surf Report For ssak@gmail.com
Date: 7/16/2003 Time: ssak@gmail.com Spot: ssak@gmail.com Cond: ssak@gmail.com Swell: ssak@gmail.com Tide: ssak@gmail.com Surf: ssak@gmail.com ...

Surf Report For kaks@gmail.com
Date: 7/16/2003 Time: kaks@gmail.com Spot: kaks@gmail.com Cond: kaks@gmail.com Swell: kaks@gmail.com Tide: kaks@gmail.com Surf: kaks@gmail.com ...

Surf Report For elaiu@gmail.com
Date: 7/16/2003 Time: elaiu@gmail.com Spot: elaiu@gmail.com Cond: elaiu@gmail.com Swell: elaiu@gmail.com Tide: elaiu@gmail.com Surf: elaiu@gmai...

Surf Report For qqlj@gmail.com
Date: 7/16/2003 Time: qqlj@gmail.com Spot: qqlj@gmail.com Cond: qqlj@gmail.com Swell: qqlj@gmail.com Tide: qqlj@gmail.com Surf: qqlj@gmail.com ...

Surf Report For kdcejd@gmail.com
Date: 7/16/2003 Time: kdcejd@gmail.com Spot: kdcejd@gmail.com Cond: kdcejd@gmail.com Swell: kdcejd@gmail.com Tide: kdcejd@gmail.com Surf: kdcej...

Surf Report For kdjsld@gmail.com
Date: 7/16/2003 Time: kdjsld@gmail.com Spot: kdjsld@gmail.com Cond: kdjsld@gmail.com Swell: kdjsld@gmail.com Tide: kdjsld@gmail.com Surf: kdjsl...

Surf Report For klqd@gmail.com
Date: 7/16/2003 Time: klqd@gmail.com Spot: klqd@gmail.com Cond: klqd@gmail.com Swell: klqd@gmail.com Tide: klqd@gmail.com Surf: klqd@gmail.com ...

Question on Fins
So i need some fins. FCS. I've noticed they vary in size and shape, etc. obviously each distinction has its own features. the only thing that doesnt matter is what color i get the fins. Ha. ...

surf report: Ah! Much warmer now.
Woke up to honest to God *rain* this morning. Weird. Swell is bigger on the buoys. Tide a little higher. Back to Pancho's! Long lulls punctuated by thumping sets of overhead waves. Wat...

Check out #2.....
http://youtube.com/browse?t=a&p=1&s=mp&c=19 as ever.... NN http://sanonofre.com/blog/2006/05/cheap-thrills-surf-tripping-surfers.html

water quality report
A telling report on water quality around the country... http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/healthnews.php?newsid=48860 cap'n.

blakestah.com wins best of the bay
since g and dave are not going to toot their horns around here, i'll pony up the 411 on some local acknowledgements : BEST WAY TO HANG TEN WITH YOUR MOUSE Let's face it: Wi...

pic of the day for my neighborhood
http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/object/article?f=/c/a/2006/08/03/MNGJEKAUI06.DTL&o=0 caltrans comes through. this helps many businesses hurt by the closure since 4/2, not to mention gives a...

Need Help putting together a surfboard
Hey. So i won a brand new surfboard today. i'm 5'6 and the board is about 6'2. I've been hitting the waves with longboards for 2 years so i need to change it up here. The board just came pla...

surf report: Brrrrr! Where'd all the warm water go?
So I dawn patrolled Pancho's this morning to greet the SW swell and get right with Mother Ocean again. This time I saw the aggro driver coming up from behind me (Mel? Is that you?) so I slow...

Board size question
Hi all. I'm a longboarder considering moving down in size and I'm looking for some advice. I ride a 9'2" Arrow and want to go short. I tried a 6' board but found that I just couldn't pop ...

[ANN] New Surf Info Website
Only a few articles posted, but more to come. Check out the new website out at http://www.radiantimages.net Information for novice and experienced surfers around the world. Mail to i...

poking my head in.....
...and saying hi. hoping we get a little bump from chris next week - i could actually get to go surfing on my birthday.. ;-) i have been busy as hell at work, got a couple of cal tri...

Chris Decapitated
The upper levels of Chris were severed from the lower levels. http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/data/us_comp/us_comp.html Surf potential looks poor. Florida will get a slight increase in the <...

Big swell pics from last week
Content has been a bit light lately so here's a few I took last week, shameful poor quality from my 5X digi, lighting was awkward too http://people.aapt.net.au/~shralper/surf/100_0790a...

Sully - Bring It On!
Bring us another south in a couple weeks. Tales from the hood: http://www.awefoto.com/temp/awe-071206-2918.jpg Not too bad a summer so far. Awe

Happy August - jw's all moved and the Longboard is on it's way - RIGHT???????
Huh? It's one helluvan assumption to have now isn't it? >:-) Awe

New style Longboards
Anybody have 1 of the new style wide fat short longboards like the Infinity Secret Weapon or the Walden Superwide? Love to get some feedback as I am thinking of getting one for summertime su...

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