Stolen board alert
Please help get the word out Russ Canard just had a one of a kind board stolen last night from his enclosed back porch in Dewey Beach, DE. They took only this board and left sever...

one of the main differences between northern and southern calif
people in the north have seen what happened in the south and are working to try to stop it happening here:

Quick report from japan
The weather is nice but no waves atoll. I drove by the beach in Shizuoka yesterday, usually filled with Brazillian surfers, to view shin-high waves breaking. A few longboarders were out. The...

Surfing Newport
I started surfing in high school in Fullerton, which is like half an hour away from Huntington. I more or less went every week, though I didn't improve much. I go to UCI now, which is like...

Sore ribs?
Do sore ribs from paddling ever abate, or is that just gonna always be part of it lol? First day i don't notice it, but subsequent days it's kinds sore where abs meet ribcage... -- <...

Boycott Gettysburg
Link to photos showing how the battlefield looked before superintendent John Latschar raped it. We loved Gettysburg: took dozens of week-long trips, s...

Signs of Life in the Atlantic
Up to now there have been a few named TSs that formed from frontal disturbancs but the tropical convergence zone has been too close to the equator to generate storms. The ITCZ has now pulle...

Sponging in The Ghetto
Photos of Neal's visit to Ghetto La Jolla Naming Surf Spots:

Surf SchoolNew-school surfers just head to Disney water park to learn the ancient art of riding the waves.
This is for the lurkers who wanna surf, are afraid to end up in some battle of the boards or eaten by sharks or forced to pay for a board they can't use. It's the bunny-slope or training whe...

European surfers - unite!
Hello there! I have a hopefully great idea - to start to learn surfing. The only problem is i live in Europe (Latvia). Is there anybody out there in Europe also in need of waves. I`d have so...

More Ffree Surfing Videos
Dear Group, Here is a video made from a session with Magnum Martinez, Otto Flores, Vince Alessi, Jaimal Hornbocker and Donovan the local guy who got some clips. There is also some ...

Waikiki bound
Pray for a south swell. I'll be in Waikiki from Aug 3rd to the 10th. Sure would like to catch up with a couple of you local fellers.

How big are your cajones?
If you've really got bigguns, you might like this: (This group seems to have died in the last couple of days. Perhaps it just needs a bit of fuel to...

OT sort of - SF underwater hills
You may or not not find this interesting. If you have ever surfed under the Golden Gate Bridge and got sucked out to sea of the surf zone by the outgoing tidal currents, you may find it more...

ROXY Film premier July 26th Newport Beach
LIDO THEATER Wed July 26th at 7pm 3459 Via Lido Newport Beach CA 92663 After party at 8pm Sponsored by Roxy and Surfer Magazine at: Malarkys 3011 ...

Weekend Update
Good evening from the Weekend Update newsdesk. The headlines for July 21, 2006: Beryl's waves have rapidly diminished in Va. Beach. The mideast is a mess. And JW *still...

Beryl has been berry berry good to me...
The stars were aligned yesterday, someone is looking out for me up there! The fact that I haven't surfed in a bunch of weeks has been wearing on my already thin psyche but the pro...

the spiral cape - final chapter
I posted whole story first in 1998, or so. I've been tinkering with it a bit, but here's the last chapter. Not really a re-post, but with tropical waves here....and more to come, stoke ove...

Surf report NZed
After what seems almost two months of storm surf ...endless cold fronts. One of the worst winters we have had for a while. However what makes it sweet is those windless winter days...making...

going off

"Surfing aids mind and body"
Surfing aids mind and body By Jordan Robertson ASSOCIATED PRESS Published July 20, 2006 SAN FRANCISCO -- The waves are flat at Ocean Beach, but Brian Bennett paddles out...

Water sculpture
For those interested in the arts... We have an unusual water sculpture on the Wellington Waterfront.,2106,3737355a11,00.html Its very unique in that it sp...

SoCal makes me sick!
Well not me really but about 1.5 million other people.

67 things you must do before your last ride
Surfer mag has its annual "big issue" out now. Lead article is entitled above. How many of the 67 have you done? Would appreciate hearing about a few that you've done, and a few that you hav...

taking photos early in the morning with poor light/overcast
I am pretty hopeless with a camera, worse with a digital camera. I have come back from a couple of days surfing where it was pretty overcast. Making it even better, most of the photos I took...

Cardiovascular surfing Bring the Surfboard, the Body Will Follow By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: July 18, 2006 ...

a monday surf
i took my birthday off yesterday and took the daughter for a surf on the dawn patrol. the tide was a bit high for the sc usual spot, too many side waves off the cliff. going south...

Costa Rica
Chicky Baby and I are planning a vacation to some beach in 3 weeks. We've heard and read a lot about Costa Rica but know little. Any advice greatly appreciated. a.

Got caught snooping around
Monday late afternoon I was searching the hood for some clean surf. OBSF was looking a little choppy but the winds diminished the farther south from the Bay entrance. The tides were right fo...

Tropical Looking Disturbance at Station 44137 - East Scotia Slope
Owned and maintained by Environment Canada 42.26 N 62.0 W (42=B016'6" N 62=B00'0" W) MM DD TIME (ADT) WDIR WSPD kts GST kts WVHT ft DPD sec APD ...

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