Boardworks boards???
I came across one for sale in my 'hood am wondering what the collective thinks about them. This one is a 9' long board (Yancy Spencer model from the looks of the logo but not sure) says it ...

ViVa La PaTa! LISTEN UP SKIPPYS OF THE WHIRLD! Build La Pata, Build Christianitos, Stop the 241 at the 74. (you may need to zoom out...

Safe SEX Guide
Using two forms of contraception will make you 1,000's of times safer than using 1. There are four main categories of contraceptives: 1.Condoms 2.Oral and Hormonal contracept...

Easter Eggs at Sandys -- 4/16/06 (bodysurfing eye candy)
There were some to be had, if you were patient: h...

Re:San Onofre State Park/Toll Road
From: Date: Apr 11, 2006 7:13 PM Subject: Re:San Onofre State Park/Toll Road To: Thank you for your email to Governor Schwarzenegg...

classic cars for sale - cars for sale
The weather is breaking and spring approaches - Nice driving is just a turn around the corner. Donít have any thing to sell and your looking for something special? Post it for f...

Save Trestles
Hurry up. The TCA is going to pave over Lowers!!!! don't let them pave over Lowers! Give money now!!!!!! Its almost too late!!! ...

Declined going to war and made an example of.,2106,3637207a10,00.html This guy was trying to make a point about the Iraq war. But the authorities couldnt let him set an example for the rest of the w...

Body and Soul: 2006 Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic (article)
You've seen the images I took: Now read the contest story I wrote for Free Surf mag:

Laird & Dava Kalama
Newport Outrigger's Fundraiser is on Saturday, May 13th. Kinda lame to have this event on the first race day of the new paddling season (HanoHano in San Diego)... the men won't even be...

Surf School Recommendation Req.
Hi All, I wanted to enroll in a week long beginner's surfing class. I've tried it once while I was vacationing in Hawaii and loved it. Any location is fine. I'm looking for anyone with ...

Horseback Riding Skills
Until now, it would take you endless hours to learn horseback riding basics. This horseback riding system really does make it easy. Perfect for beginners, you'll have your friends and famil...

Few pics from this weekend
I should pay more attention to whats going on around here, I didn't know Riq and I were checking the same breaks on the same day. I saw a couple of kneelos out there too. Glad I wasn't the o...

Welcome to Texas!
Hurricane Rita: (photos by ) http://www.gscottimagi...

hey mamma jamma sus.....
email me

Nosara, Costa Rica
Well. i haven't connected with this group for a while, because I haven't been surfing all that much. But I'm now in Nosara, Costa Rica. A beautiful, remote spot that has way too many Ameri...

HI Surf Advisory updated! 4/10/06
Updated my website. Highlights include: Surfers Fight for Kaka'ako Moonlight and Hiram -- 2/12...

nice weekend in Oz
Just got home to the sunny coast after an awesome weekend. It looks like there is some serious swell hitting the east coast sydney apparently had 7m waves today. I drove down to Byron...

Surf report NZed Sunday 9 April
The low which has been charging the south ...Tazzy and NZ has been generating some swell. From News reports Sydney has been getting probably the best of it so far. What we have reciev...

Ascii pic #2 _//\____//\__//////\____________________//\_ _///\__//\________//\______///\__________//\_ _//////\______//\______/////\____////\_ _//\__///\__...

Ascii pic
_//\____//\__//////\____________________//\_ _///\__//\________//\______///\__________//\_ _//////\______//\______/////\____////\_ _//\__///\____//\________//\________//\__//\_ _//...

texas surf contest round 2
corpus christi open was last weekend...... sure it aint HI, CA, or anwhere else where surfsnobs turn their nose up at the rest of the surfing world, the surf was pretty crappy most of...

Off to New Zealand
Leaving today. I'll be on the East coast (Gisborne) and will spend some time on the West coast. Hope to get to Ragland. I'm bringing the camera equipment. I have a pack mule (...

Are you a talent, lifer or manderin ? interesting results...what did yours reveal about yourself. ? NZed You have Talent You're a risk-taker, and you follow your ...

What sports car are you ? ME....? Porche 911 Yourselves ? NZed


you'd have to be laughing in NZ
There looks to be some serious swell heading to the west coast. Lucky bastards. Bob

NS Saturday -- 4/1/06 (play kine surf)
Dirty water, small surf, but Buddy and I made the most of it on Saturday. (Buddy, laying it down) http://www.hisu...

Real Ghost caught on video...
Heres something to entertain you guys. This was filmed in London Dungeon on security cameras. Make sure you look real close to see the image of the ghost and listen for sound....prefe...

AS poll #666
babes in wetsuits ... sexy? 1) Yes 2) No

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