Clint Surff
Two years ago I had a 50/50 chance of living. Tonight, I'm Clint Eastwood in a poncho and cowboy hat, sitting on the porch handing out candy. I be bad! Surff "In my heart I k...

Spring break surfing
So I'm thinking of taking my daughter on a spring break surfing trip in April. We both like San Diego, but I'm looking for other (preferably inexpensive) locals that may offer some good f...

How would you invade Oah'u
I posted this on soc.history.what-if but as I thought about it it seemed more a question of how do you get a large contingent of landing craft ashore on Oah'u? Waves have seasons, there...

Wednesday, 10-26
A few pics from last Wednesday. Waves produced by a combination of Wilma, a nor'easter, and another coastal low. Water temp: 60 Air temp: 50. Winds: Straight offshore and strong. <...

This Land Is Sacred
This Land Is Sacred As indigenous people we believe that all of Mother Earth is sacred. However, Some land is more sacred than other land, because our ancestors resided here or...

Bad Teeth II
Was sitting in the surf shop today shooting the shit when dude walks in w/backpack and bedroll rapping surf lingo. A couple of associates were in the shop as well and thankfully he addr...

Reports of Missing Dogs Reach Record High, In Chicago
Seems there's been a rash of dog-nappings in the Chicago area, as of late. Local animal control officials say they have few clues to go on. One officer said the only shred of evidence they'v...

Pics of ASKOTY 2005 Candidates
Hey checkout my pics of this years ASKOTY hopefulls. You might even see yourself among the candidates. Bye now, Sufrwirter BOb

Carlsbad, Bomber Hamburger's, 1960's-70's?
Anyone remember a hamburger shack in Carlsbad that sold hamburgers called bombers? Just checking my childhood memories. Can't recall the name of the joint and don't know if it's still ...

About those points...
Yo Rod. Rack up 2 each for Sully and Gioni. We hooked up at the gallery at noon yesterday, I made some time before my daughter's swim meet. G sized me up, saw how ol...

HIKE AND PADDLE-OUT - SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29TH AT 8:30 AND 10:00 AM Walk with us along the proposed route of the Foothill-South Toll Road from San Mateo Campground to Trestles Beach.

Wed, Thu, secret spot
On Wednesday the swell direction swung around to put a few waves into a nearby secret spot. It started out with some sets to shoulder high, lumpy and bumpy and not really carrying though, b...

ole bawb
as mentioned in another post: >> by the way, i recently met a GL surfer who actually knows ole bawb here! yup - the kid has surfed with him at the various breaks along ...

Oct '05 Surf Photo Journal Oahu
Nothing epic yet but it's still early in the season and we've been getting some nice stuff. Sometimes I snap a few pics before, during, after, a surf. Here's the latest batch- h...

Surf Costa Rica, Travel and Tour Service

east coast eurf
picked up by yahoo: mighty fine from where i sit as a goofy foot... cap'n f.

on surfgeo's unsociable behavior of late.....
well, what can i say? i arrive in the SD area, give a kick-ass presentation to a future client, then it was all a fun way! basically - this was an annual weekend wh...

Wave topping levees -- When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. Hunter S Thompson

80% Iraqis Choose a DEMOCRATIC FUTURE !!!
What is happening in Afghanistan and Iraq is truly remarkable and historic !!! Who in their lifetime thought they would ever see such historic and wonderful events take place in the M...

Rincon Opening Day Pix
Hi all, Some pictures from the 'Con, taken over the past few days... Shot with a Canon 20D, using a 70-300mm zoom ...

sorry to interupt the political discussions
got out to the lane early for the coldwater. wanted to shoot video of the final day, but the thick fog sucked and thus the video sucks. still there were some good rides, as the lane s...

Turn $6 Into 15,000.oo In 30 Days Or Less Using Paypal 100% Legal!!! "Noreply"
It Will Work… If you do as I have done! Just Do It! follow the 4 steps… $6.00 to $15,000.00 in 30 days! Steps: Follow the Logic, Just Do it and It will work… $$$ in 4 easy steps… 1. Set...

Who Dat Hippy?
In the background.

Old Board Logos, New T's
Last Wave Originals is now offering the Owl Surfboards logo - available for the first time on a T-shirt in more than 30 years!

SoCal cavrones may need to switch to basket weaving ...

you can smell whitey
While working out at the gym this morning, I caught just a part of the interview on TV with Whitey's latest Nor Cali victim. I craked up out loud... She said she was at the beach and i...

Dropping In...
Been a while. Blakestah told me the other day Shaft put a new video up so I thought I'd drop by and check it out. Classic. Is that Ratt? That cliff shot was phenominal. Since I've...

Get a T-Shirt, Help Dave (Sweet)
Dave Sweet, the "father of foam", began experimenting in his back yard in the mid-50's with home made concrete molds filled with polyurethane foam - the precursor of what would become the fo...

Sully & SurferBob... I gotta Question!
How come the composition of your party -- your base of belief -- is low income, high school dropouts, or mostly college professors aka Ward Churchills? Democratic Leadershi...

video from last weekend
this one's from last sat. in pacifica. lots of raw swell and the beastie left pt was breaking: i was talking to the skipper the day before about riding the left. it's a tough wave to de...

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