Super Long Wang
Residents of island nation Taiwan are about to be penetrated by a Super Longwang. I suppose this would be the equivalent of ...

Neal , Can We Get Some Pics Of This Please
This should be wicked good . :)

NYT: Dancers Ride the Surf
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 NotDashEscaped: You need GnuPG to verify this message ``The danc...

WHOH DUDES!!! Like, chek it, NINTENDO DONKEY KONG SURFING SOFT TOY EXCELLENT it's only .99 of some foreign currency!!!

First board -- part II
I started this thread a little while back: After visiting several sur...

Opinions on long tele's for shooting surfing
I am looking for a 400+mm lens for my F100, I have an old fixed length 500, I was wondering what people area using for tele's these days when shooting surfing from the beach. I've an 80 to...

My Dad
I haven't posted here in a few years, but thought I'd let the group know that my dad passed away two weeks ago from the complications of lung cancer. He taught me to surf, and also taught m...

fyi - website for getting news sites
i just wanted to forward this site to the group. its a website that registers for most of the online news sites and makes the login info available to you.

Hawaii/CA menehune hookup
In 1965, the WindanSea Surf Club began sponsoring an annual Menehune Contest at La Jolla Shores to give local groms a venue for some friendly competition. The first contest was won by a

Texas Rita video
Just found this video of Rita at S. Padre's Boca Chica and Dolphin Cove. I see some of the Katrina pics from S. Padre have made it to this newsgroup. There are more in the pipeline (no pu...

another boost
here's some stuff from boost. i'll put together some longer wave shots later: 12 mb download there a lower rez .wmv on fresh foo...

AS Continues to Age!
Happy Libra ASBDs all around!!! 2 Shoes D2 Jane Moody Cam Mongolian Horde Turby JohnH Foon Rico Myroni Me ----------------------------...

Buy or Sell your surf gear to a local and worldwide audience
I am writing to let people know that there is a website called The full web address is Check it out. There are categories to sell and buy gear...

Japanese Tourists + Sandy Beach = Abunai!!!
So this evening there was this group of Japanese tourist, just getting all stupid, fooling around with an ABC Discount Store bodyboard in the Sandys shorebreak. I don't think they realized h...

alt.surfing or what?
I really don't care if anyone ever sees that guy Tim's wedge binary. I barely have time to browse the f'ing newsgroup, let alone fudge around with anything that requires more than point n' c...

All, making a trip to Bethany Beach Deleware to "teach" a couple friends how to surf. I'm not sure how effective that will be, but we're going to give it a try. Does anyone kn...

Secret Spot Vid
Group, Here is a short vid that was made from a session at our secret spot. Paul

anyone know of
a surfer in the islands named egerick ?

I need help finding a surfing decal.....
I saw it on the big Island of Hawaii last week. One of those white only decals - a hula girl standing on the tip of a board pointing directly at you. Her arms are in the traditional hula pos...

Wedge Pictures of Surf on 09-23-2005 Available
I posted some pictures of the surf at Newport Beach's "The Wedge" (<>) that I took on the afternoon of Friday, 09/23/2005.

best waves for consistency in the world
we have at least 300 days a year of surf, lots better than costa and even Hawaii I know agfter 40 years of surfing the world time i guess to tell it, been living in El Salvador since 1...

necessity/usefulness of visor with gath helmet
After recently getting a fair whack in the head I have been considering buying a Gath helmet. I would be interested to hear other's views about the necessity/usefulness of visor with gath

Sandys this weekend (9/23-24/05)
Some interesting shots from the past couple of days... ht...

Stealth Dolphins Attn. Andy
Uhm Andy , you might want to keep an eye out for these guys :

A non surf report
A taste of the trades the last few days, I'm getting fussy anyway, reneged on a surf in favour of a bike ride, took some photo's along the way.

Gota get those fish. They are always interesting to watch working. -Tom

hey riq kneelo
Im at gold coast, lost yer number can you remail it to me and we can catch up? TTD

Hola Looking for Jason and Alex Howe from San Clemente this is Michael in El Salvador long time no see e me where's Uncle Steve?? -- MICHAEL W. JOHNSON CAPE FEAR,COASTAL CAROLINAS USA CEL...

42001 has gone surfing

U.S. Professional Longboard Surfing Championships San Clemente Pier, San Clemente, California
The Converse California Classic LIVECAM! U.S. Professional Longboard Surfing Championships San Clemente Pier, San Clemente, Cali...

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