San Fran Bound (Blake, LP, et al)
The town smells like piss, beer, and funnel cakes; it's Mardi Gras season...and I am out of here. I will be in San Francisco this Friday and Saturday visiting the Ma' in law and some good ...

Costa slideshow
I've had a few surf vacations in the last year. But this time, it was my wife's priority. We decided Costa Rica would provide the variety of diversions a working woman requires, and still gi...

Anyone remember BA(bare ass) t-shirts from the 1980's
They featured an animated character on a board(getting barreled)flashing his butt. Those who remeber the shirt will know what I'm talking about. I'm Looking to find the company who made th...

sponge's quiver
Here's a pic of some of my rides. Still looking out for a used fish. sponge <...

Yellow Bamboo Test Resuts - Perth Australia
Event - The Yellow Bamboo vs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Challenge Venue - South Beach - Perth, Western Australia Conditions - Frikkin' hot, clear blue skies and windy Media -...

HI Surf Advisory updated (1/29/05)
Updated a few pages: Team New Yawk -- 1/7/05 Kookier -- 1/8/05

Hola amigos, cold and small her in Coastal carolina today, back to C.A. pronto, see ya there? let me know
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0119_01C5064F.50D13C80 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="Windows-1252" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-p...

surf report:Psycho sandbars, punji sticks and waves! Pictures at last.
Hey crew, I finally found time to get my pictures together of good local surf after the rainstorms. I took these on Tuesday 1/18/2005, the "small day", three days before Gioni and...

OT - photography project
I finally finished the photography project that I was working for for all of 2004. Ended up burning more than 1,200 frames over the year just for this project. It was a lot of walking and...

Pitas Point Locals only, pleeezzz. Kelly Cove Local

Australia Day 26th.
Surf content - windy onshore shoulder high mush - I abstained. I was sent this, appropriate for Australia day. WE ARE ONE - We are the people of a free nation of blokes, s...

Dos Zapatos in Sumatra -- .-``'. Tim Maddux .` .`~ All your wave <...

surf report: S**** J****
Surfed a new spot today, for fun and experience. Low tide. Sets head high plus. One set close to 2xO came through. Water a little textured and fuggly, but far from hopeless. Leaped off...

SoCal nasty vibe
Went out at blacks today, absolutely perfect waves, 5-7 faces and mirror clean. But the crowd was by far the most hostile and aggressive I have ever been out in. Anywhere from ...

Not exactly flat here, but

today in pacifica
just got back from the beach, over the bluff south of me. fun surf on the incoming high tide. today's a full moon, big tide swing. i had my first night surf of the new year a few days ...

Oahu Session Report 1.23.05
0730 Ready for anything! 0800 Pulled up to near perfection! 6-10'(FFV) pure glass and uncrowded. Ran back to the car f...

Do 20 sec waves refract less than 16sec ones? Tim?
Last Tuesday (1/18/2005) the first arrivals of our big wavefest began to trickle into the Santa Barbara Channel. Harvest buoys was reading dominant interval 20sec, direction 285-290deg. Surf...

Surffohio DistantJones Gleshna Surfgeotwo john4surf ljswahine2 GleshnaAssistant BobbiG wavslav surfsarge Come back when you find a new Us...

Unusual conditions
I'm not sure if this will work. I uploaded a .mov file, that I shot with my Coolpix 2200, today. It is a Quicktime movie of a rather unusual wave. Though the wave is less than a f...

As I comb the net looking for new jobs
Here's one, though I know I don't qualify 1. Las Vegas,NV: Female Surfing Tradeshow Buttocks Model jobs 2. San Francisco: 'Vegas-Style' Female Tradeshow Model jobs 3. AZ,CA, HI,NM...

Dry heave morning
This morning I got up to check for surf. 8-10 foot walls roared onto the outer bars. The tops just barely broke, and then passed through the channels to the inner bars with detonation onto t...

Gleshna Rides a Fish!
You da man!

Psy = Psychiatrist Ptnt = Patient Psy: So what problems are you having Ptnt: SEVERE IMPOTENCY, couldnt get my dick up Psy: Since when ? Ptnt: Since 9/11

2Gees Hiphop & Skateboard merchandise sales
IF YOU LOVE MUSIC, FASHION AND ENTERTAINMENT READ THIS''''''''' 2GEES UNIVERSITY OF HIPHOP SALES Hi, Welcome to 2GEES Online Hiphop and Urban merchandise center. Our

San Diego surf images
I took a long lunch break from work and scored on some decent photos.

I see Horseshoes...I see Birdrock

David Nuuhiwa, Sr ?
I've seen posts, elsewhere, claiming that David Nuuhiwa died yesterday. I'm inclined to believe it was David, Sr. Anyone know the story? Sponge? Bud? -------------------...

born too slow
Nice track, would go well behind vids. The Crystal Method, Legion of Boom, May 2004. Foon should dig the gearing of the drumkit in the opening few bars. Get ya quota, <...

East Coast Snow Surfing
I've got to get out of NJ, a blizzard warning is up and there may be waves Sunday or Monday AM. I almost froze my peter off when I paddled out 2 weeks ago in sub freezing offshores, I'm n...

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