28 Aug 2006 16:57:38
Mike Sullivan
funwaves in SoCal

d-dads were definitely the overriding
theme of the Newport trip this year. My
pal hooked up with me one night for a
meal at Sharkeez while simultaneously setting
up a match.com date. I couldn't finish my
meal, the carnage was too much to handle.

Nothing like a 'amicable divorce contest' to
churn your stomach.

"Oh yes, my wife got more than she should have

"my husband was happy to let me have the house
and the alimony"

My eye rolling gave me headaches. You poor

At blackie's later he and I got into an argument that
he shoulda walked her home to her rental on
28th. The lesbians at the bar agreed with me
that it would've been the polite thing to do.

They asked me if I was the third wheel. I answered
that I was a fifth wheel, they needed a semi trailer
to haul all that baggage.

meanwhile, kids and I bsurfed the daylight hours.

Here's how we arrived!

Brenna's going to turn that into a color pencil drawing.
Somehow she has to show the Tommy's double
cheese wrapper in the passenger seat.

in front of our place:

1/2 block away were big barrels and 10
million boardsurfers. We ran over here
to have some two footers all to ourselves!

go connor!
go brenna!
go you fat turd!

Food faire was typical, no big changes, but it was good to
see the Newport pier preacher back looking a little more chipper this
year. He was looking a little tired and discouraged last year.

Must be closer to the apocalypse!

Saw the parrot guy, no parrots and he was in a motorized
wheelchair thingy. He was around when I lived there through
the early 80s. I heard rumor he got some bird disease and
had to give them up, but that might have been a Stag
joke I overheard last year.

Fun week.