23 Apr 2006 01:04:04
Surf Report For e4c749e90b@lpv.lv

Date: 7/16/2003
Time: e4c749e90b@lpv.lv
Spot: e4c749e90b@lpv.lv
Cond: e4c749e90b@lpv.lv
Swell: e4c749e90b@lpv.lv
Tide: e4c749e90b@lpv.lv
Surf: e4c749e90b@lpv.lv

Fabulous site.

e4c749e90b@lpv.lv <e4c749e90b@lpv.lv >

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25 Apr 2006 01:41:08
Surfer Bob
Re: Surf Report For e4c749e90b@lpv.lv

Steve Lange is that you bro? Long time no see hombre! Que pasa?

Surfer Bob