visit my pool site... its new... want to see something added ??? drop me a note. want to build a kickass site for pool /snooker I need input from you to make this site wo...

Snookerstars to take part in Poolmasters
Steve Davis,Ronnie o Sullivan and Tony Drago are taking part in the World Poolmasters in Egmond the Netherlands From 16 to the 18th of June. Especially Tony will have great memories about t...

Billard Abrechnungssoftware
Software für die Abrechnung ihrer Billardtische.

Re: the largest tables
Nick, I do think the man is merely mistaken. The width is always half the length, no matter what size the snooker tables are. The largest I have seen are 6' x 12'. Many of these...

What size tips?
I have two quick questions. 1. What size tips do average club players use? 9mm? 10mm? 11mm? 2. What size tips do the pros use? Higgins? Hendry? O'Sullivan? Stevens? ...

cue supply business closing
If anyone has an interest in cuemaking supplies, check out The owner is closing the business and everything is offered for half price. Please don't place any orders ...

Question about the free ball rule
Hi everybody, Here's a little situation that occured to me today, while I was playing some frames with a friend. At the end of the frame, brown and up still left on the tabl... is For Sale
Hi, is for sale at -

The leveling chair
The Brandlein Leveling Chair, the small inexpensive device that levels tables much more precisely and accurately than any bubble level can, is only available from Antiques Re...

REAL OR FAKE TITS! Awesome site
Awesome picture quiz! See the difference between real and fake tits! hooters!

Largest Table Size
Hi all, I live in Melbourne Australia although am originally from South London. A chap in my local pub here (he's in his 60's I'd guess) reckons a place in Melbourne used to hav...

stupiest rule: being called foul when one pockets two red ball in
IMHO, being called foul when one pockets two red balls in one shot is the stupidest rule. I do not understand the rule. Why should one be penalized for pocketing two red balls.

snooker web site
Be part of something different - SellOutCrowds, aiming to be the internet's largest collection of sporting fans. ...

Why ask Rules Questions here?
If its to see how many different answers you can get from the 'experts', then carry on. But if you really want to know the answer, go to the excellent new IBSF website and read ...

ElkMaster Tips
Bought some elkmaster tips off ebay, 9mm and 9.5mm, 9.5mm ones are very good! Buyyyyyyy someeeeeeeeee....

Graeme's ranking?
Hiya again, Does anyone know where Graeme will go now in the World rankings? I imagine the win will see him climb a few places but do any of you knowledgable peeps know exactly w...

...from Hong Kong
Anyone else sick to the back teeth of "Marco Fu.......FROM HONG KONG" like it matters? All tournament I would have loved £1 for every time that was said by one or other of the team and...

A question
Hiya, What would happen if all the spots were occupied, say the green gets potted and there is nowhere now for it to go, where does it go? I know the balls get placed on the highe...

Terrible coverage by the BBC
The way the they kept cutting to the family members in an effort to drum up some "drama". It completely spolit the tension. Terrible choice by the director. The final was gripping enough wit...

next tournament - the people who should be kept
- hazel - steve - willie - clive Dump the rest of the old farts .

Congrats Graeme !!!
What a great final ! Many thanks to both Graeme and Peter for providing us with wonderful entertainment untill the end. A shame the snooker-season is over with again, on to next year.... <...

Somebodys aunty
Is it just a matter of time before somebody who works at the tournament manages to get their aunty or granny on tv . If they are that stuck for something to do - cant they get a bbc ...

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