Hendry hits 4 centuries in 6 frames
In the Malta cup Stephen hat a remarkable victorie as he won over Neil Robertson 5-1 with 4 centuries. One of them was a 142. Nicely done Stephen

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Malta Cup - No coverage on Eurosport?
Looking at next weeks British Eurosport TV schedule. It looks like they are not covering the Malta Cup Snooker. Why?

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how do they make snooker balls
hi, does anybody remember, probably 1981, during the World championships on BBC1/2, during the day at various times, they would show a little piece showing how various things...

Wot a clearance
Wonder what it feels like to have six balls on the table and knowing you need to pot every one of them to win a title .

spotted ball / purple baize / shot clock
Personally as soon as I seen any one of the above hideous suggestions in a tournament i'd be saying ta ta to it without a 2nd thought & with no hesitation whatsoever . I'll do w...

O'Sullivan v Higgins.
Some great snooker in this game so far. Clive has described them as being like "two chess grand masters", Dennis sounds half cut and Ray Stubbs STILL doesn't know what he's talking ab...

Scattered reds - a rare event
Frame 3 in the JH / AM match was the first time i've seen reds scattered all over the place for absolutely ages and to be quite honest I cant even remember when the last time was . <...

interactive snooker
why has it been available all week but not for the semis!!!

damn white lines
didn't so much mind up an till today watching ROS and SL,,,,,, dennis mind boggling taylor with his pearls of wisdom the guy is an arse every shot was the white line and the amount...

What a weird match . Playing a psychological game or losing the plot ? .

Willie said .....
Why dont commentators have fans . Although not a fan i'd say willie certainly isnt worst and virgo seems to have improved a little over the past year .

Wot a farce
Although everybody seems to be in agreement that common sense should apply and nobody would object to using technology in this particular case when the situation arises . None o...

What snooker commentator do you like the best
www.vhit.co.uk/?poll=1000019 Decide between 4 choices or 'none of the above' .

Snooker(s) required or not?
Hi everybody, I was watching a match a few days ago (I think it was the SH vs AM match) and something struck me as odd... I've tried to find out more about the situation, but I ca...

The while line
One commentator in particular seems to just love using the white line overlay and from the looks of it seems to regard the while line overlay as being much more important that the actual s...

Snooker club recommendation
Looking for a good snooker club in or around the Windsor area, anywhere say within a 5-10 mile radius, with good fast tables. Thanks

The purple table
WOW - the colours man the colours :-) Is there must be a hippy snooker player called 'wavey gravy' coming up the rankings or summit .

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Green light for the green baize
I certainly dont grudge the guy or his mother being allowed to build a extension to their house for the purpose of getting his own snooker table installed - but what happened to the days o...

Two dutchman in main tour world champinships
Gerrit bij de Leij and Stephan Mazrocis are both true to the main tour qualification round after winning their 3 matches in the non-tour round. Both with a centurie and a whitewash in their...

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