21 Apr 2006 14:19:22
Hairy Armpit Inspector
From player to commentator

A mix of good and bad .

Willie Thorn learnt his new trade over the past couple of years and most
of the time he does a excelent job .

Some of the others though - total numptys who are only interested in
their own self importance and dont really care much about what the
viewers do or dont want .

For example , Have you noticed how willie is quite capable of commenting
on a snooker match without using the white line .

Another player who became a commentator just loves to play with it
doesnt he and observe for yourself how he often leaves it on until the
white ball has come to a halt .

His own prediction white lines is much more important to him than
letting the viewers see the actual balls .

Nobody in snooker seems to give a fuck though .

While the white line overlay does have it uses - one cunt in particular
even uses it for a one cushion bounce that even forrest gump wouldnt
have any problem working out for himself .

Also , Note the same commentator likes to name check anybody the camera
picks up .

Perhaps he regards knowing somebody name as a sign of intellect .

Doesnt really matter of course - for what he doesnt realise is their
name could be Rapunzel McRudyard for all the difference it makes to the
viewers at home .

Is a cardigan and abernethy style of commentating really what young
people want to hear ? .