Coach W's New Instructional DVD
FYI... Heads-Up! Part II is available now, "Advanced Racquetball. Secrets of the Pros". Check it out at Haven't seen it yet but being that it's from Coach Wint...

New Racquet
I want to try new racquets like Wilson or Pro Ken... Right now, I'm using an Ektelon "More Attack". Anyone know which racquet feels closets to The "More Attack"? Im tired of Replacing the s...

Panel vs. Concrete courts
I have been spoiled and played the majority of my games on panel front and side wall with a glass back wall. I am going to be playing in a full concrete court (wood floor) in a tournament. ...

Wheres JHard?
anyone heard from JHard lately?

e-force 32.5 mls
Last month I picked up a racquet for the 1st time in 15 years. I played through the 70s and 80s, and drifted away. Used to play with an aluminum voit or head that retailed for less than $5...

Anyone know the best way or drill?
When I played Jimmy Lowe, I kept doing the ceiling ball to get him out of front court. Apparently, he was able cut them off and pinch it low while I was in the back court. Anyone know a diff...

Lynn would you share your Ref proposal/ New Mexico World Seniors
Hi Lynn - thanks for taking an active part in our sport. I noticed on the USRA web site that Debra and yourself proposed some ideas around Reffing.... Would you share that information ...

Dropshot is Dead
Someone said they read an obituary about Dropshot. Please say its true!! Leo Vasquez

Whenin July for the Liquidmetal 165!
Does anybody know for sure what part of July the New Head racquets are coming out?

Blog Update A compendium of all things racquetball at the Norwalk, CT YMCA... an oasis of clear thought and straight talk in the murky atmosphere that is Conn...

Marty Hogan Defers His Retirement!
Hi All I received the email below from Marty. Regards, Otto ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

nobody asked but I was just thinking....
Hi all - with all the newsgroups that are popping up, this is still the place where there is more general player chatter than stuff about, for and by the "pro's" 1) NATIONALS OR P...

New Racquet
I am thinking about getting a new Head Megablast 185 or Liquid Metal 190. I have been playing with a Head TI185XL, and have found I don't like how light the TI175XL feels. So, wh...

Huczek Coming To Arlington, TX
The 25th Anniversary for the Maverick Athletic Club, (a 10 court faility with all the amenities) is being celebrated this weeknd, June 10-12 in Arlington, TX. We will begin with the Triple...

New Racquets
Checked out the new racquets today and was surprised that Wilson in not making the Nlite. Their new line starts at 170 180 190.I currently swing the Nlight so the 170 will probably be identi...

When did court markings get added?
I'm trying to figure out how old a court I've been playing on is. It looks fairly modern, but it doesn't have a dotted safety line or drive serve lines. Just the service lines and the doub...

Rules check
I was playing a doubles game this morning and I had to go almost to the back of the court to get a shot. I was running backwards and I didn't realize I had forced one of the members of th...

Concurrent Training for Racquetball
I just gotback from our annual ACSM (American College of SpiderMen :) meeting in Nashville and there was an interesting session on "Concurrent Training". First, there are basically 2 type...

Why so few posts lately
So quiet on this newsgroup - has another one started? rgds/Bob

Doubles Rule Question!
When receiving a serve in doubles do my partner and I need to rotate? Some guy on a team we were playing said the rules said I couldn't always be on the left side. I thought my partner and I...

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