Derek Robinson Interview on Racquetball Roundtable - Tuesday 5/31/05
Hey Racquetball Fans, Hope that you've all enjoyed the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend. Join us this coming Tuesday, 5/31/05 from 9pm EST to 10pm EST for a live interview with ...

Over 40 racquetball tips... er, tips for players OVER 40 lol...
FIRST time back since the 1980s this afternoon and wow what a rush! The racquet is a lot lighter than I remember (LiquidMetal 109) and I felt like my forehand was swinging too hard for...

Marty Hogan Officially Retires!
Hi All Following is the text of an email that I just received from Marty Hogan. Hopefully, all of you will join me in wishing this great player the very best in the years ahead ...

Over 40 Racquetball Tips (with pictures)
Lots of racquetball information, including daily tips! Past Tips at:

Hello, My name is Kris and I recently found this mailing list. I live in Topeka, Kansas and have been playing racquetball for several years. My skill level is B. I am looking forward to le...

Article on Racquetbal vs. Spinning cost by AmPro
Gang: AmPro put out an article about the cost of Spinning Vs R-ball. I need it to show our club owners, who are considering converting the courts to spinning, that is is not cost affective t...

Melbourne FL Racquetball
Hello, I was just looking for any insight on the racquetball scene (if there is one) in the Melbourne FL or Brevard County area. If you happen to know any information that can help, I...

Ever Get Stuck on a Wall during Opponents return?
Ever get stuck on a side wall as the opponent was hitting a return shot? Do you move to center court? If so, you were taught and use the wrong strategy! If you are stuck on the wal...

Overhand Pass Shot - Underused!
Overhand Cross-Court Pass One of the greatest underused offensive shots. This is what the best players use instead of defensive ceiling shots.

When should I take my eye off the ball?
I've been practicing keeping my eye on the ball, and it's working pretty well. A pro told me that when I'm hitting the ball, I don't need to take my eye away from the ball and look at where ...

What is a Replay Hinder? What Isn't?
Today's Tip: Replay Hinders! If you missed it Tuesday (today) it will still be available on the past tips archive, linked next ...

Rules Question - Hinder
I know when I am serving, I can't get in a way of a direct shot to the front by the receiver. But how about during regular play - can I move to the center without regard to whethe...

Hi Can't seem to find results for this years Intercollegiates..USAR site does not seem to have anything...Anybody know were to look?? Thanks Brian -- ...

28 racquetball Tips
All 28 (and counting!) Daily Racquetball Tips are at: Made a link mistake for tip 22, Follow Through Experiment, which you ca...

Forehand Mechanics - Ceiling to Kill Shots
Great Forehand Mechanics tip for beginner and advanced players. Includes a unique visual graphic to remember this lesson! Different ball heights require different con...

Greatest Female Players Reunite
Mark your calendar now for the 4th "Gathering of the Greatest" to be hosted by Nautilus Fitness & Racquet Club, Erie, PA on November 11,12 & 13th. Female legends from the past will compete i...

Return pinch and kill shots
Instructional tip to react faster to front court to return pinch and kill shots. Trick is to have racquet ready, similar...

Best Racquetball Advice Ever!
PLAY BETTER RACQUETBALL The above DAILY TIP link moves to ...

I've heard about these guys...
I've read about players like this, now I've seen it. New guy at the club. ok, so samson(not his real name) moves into the area and shows up at the club to play some racquetball, a...

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