20 Dec 2007 15:46:49
NeedTechs.com has Lied to Advertisers

If you have ever enquired about advertising or have advertised on needtechs.com, you may have been misled by th
e company with false website traffic statistics.

Ron Blicksilver the owner of NeedTechs.com has been intentionally manipulating his Alexa.com website traffic ra
nking since 2003 and has been using the manipulated Alexa ranking to sell his advertising services by making hi
s website needtechs.com appear to have more traffic than his competition, when in fact it did not.

NeedTechs.com is going to be investigated for Fraudulent Business Practices by the State of Florida Attorney Ge
nerals Office. Beware of this company.

For more information, please visit http://JobSiteScams.com

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