22 May 2005 21:44:59
Otto Dietrich
Marty Hogan Officially Retires!

Hi All

Following is the text of an email that I just received from Marty Hogan.
Hopefully, all of you will join me in wishing this great player the very
best in the years ahead regardless of what he pursues!



After spending a reflective weekend with my wonderful wife, Ann we've
decided it's time to move on in life. A number of factors weighed very
heavily in the decision. I have been competing in racquetball events for
forty years and it's been a good run. I've just had the best season I've had
in some years, winning five events including the Legends Nationals and US
Open. The sport is now in a better state than it's been in some times with
national restructuring and new corporate sponsors. I just had the
opportunity to win again in St. Louis in front of my family and friends.
Seeing long since retired rivals of mine such as Steve Strandemo and Jerry
Hilecher being nominated for the Racquetball Hall of Fame made me reflect on
just how long it's been.

I want to thank each and every one of you for help and your friendship. I
especially want to thank a few. My mother for teaching me the game and being
so supportive. Joe Zelson for all his early help. Bob Kendler, Bud Leach and
Charlie Drake for making it all possible. All the great pioneers of the game
who taught me so much directly and indirectly, Bud Muehleisen, Bill
Schmidtke, Charlie, Brumfield, Steve Keeley, Craig Finger, Paul Lawrence and
Carl Loveday. The St. Louis racquetball stars of the JCCA, Steve Serot,
Jerry Hilecher, Kenny Wong and Benny Koltun. Dave Peck, Mike Yellen, Davey
Bledsoe, Bret Harnett, Cliff Swain, Gregg Peck and all the others who I
enjoyed such great matches with. Bill Tanner and Doug Ganim for putting on
those great Memphis events. Scott Hirsch and all the guys from the Legends
Tour for making the last four years so great.

It's fitting that my last match ever was against my good friend and rival,
Dave Peck. I leave the game with no regrets and many great memories.

Marty Hogan