06 Jan 2005 00:35:20
Junior World Championship or Taking candy from babies......

This is a particularly sensitive point I wish to discuss.
When I went to the Junior Nationals, I admit that as an adolescent ,I was no
Some of the other kids set up poker games ( Mexican Sweat ) and started taking
other kids for their traveling expenses. Another two, actually packedged the
television set in thier room and had it shipped home. Everyone was caught,
parents notified and reinbusements made. There were other pranks going on
between the kids, but they were not of a felonious nature. Mostly mind games.
I guess I am saying that all in all we were taken pretty good care of, and
covered by adults.
From what I heard over the Internet about the Junior World Games in Mexico, it
seems that these mind games have been allowed to escalate into felonies. Where
were the USAR chaparones, when all the American kids were being victimized?
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