28 Jan 2005 21:20:16
Jeffca writes to Linda Mojer........

>Speaking of "juniors." The US junior team had to successfully raise it's
own funding to attend "the event" that these boxscores are just now
coming out for. Are juniors being cut from the USRA national program? It
seems that they are. What right would USRA have in selecting a junior
team that they don't support anymore? >

The USAR's motto has always been, "We are responsible, but we don't take the
blame". The USAR's directors have always been happy to take all the "cudos"
when somebody else does all the work, but when it comes to them contributing,
it's in the form of some trivial response. Even the IOC has come to cut their
funding. Do you think that the half of million dollars that the USAR recieved
in the past was a lot of money? The IOC could give the USAR 10 million without
blinking an eye. But our Executive Directors have been so lame, the even the
half a million has been cut. Why would anyone need their "sanctioning"?

>One more rhetorical question and then I'll bid you adieu: An
announcement was just released by the IRF, for the PanAm tournament
(Venezuela?) in March, is the US senior team fully funded for this event
by the USRA? Does anyone know? Now, if the US senior team had to raise
its own funding in order to go, I'm just wondering, could they? >

Since the funding has been cut and nobody outside the Executive Director has
been privy to " leagally public information", we don't know do we?
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