19 Apr 2004 23:39:38
Linda Mojer
Colorado Springs Regional

Lynmar Racquet & Health Club
April 16-18, 2004: Colorado Springs, Colo.

The Lynmar Racquet & Health Club hosted over 100 athletes from across
the region for playoffs to qualify and seed players for the upcoming
USAR National Singles Championships. The coast-to-coast field included
players from California and New Hampshire, and division champions
earned points and positioning consideration for the 2004 national
event, which will be held in Houston, Texas at the end of May.

Springs enthusiasts fared well in the 28 divisions of the three-day
event, with eight division wins and thirteen runner-up finishes
recorded on Sunday. Two locals earned double gold, with John Vohland
winning the Men's 45+ and 50+ singles divisions, and Monument's Tony
Feldstein taking first place in Men's 40+ singles and the Mixed Open
doubles with partner Mary Keenan. Rachel Gellman, of Phoenix, Arizona
(currently ranked #16 on the women's pro tour) also earned a double
gold finish with wins in Women's Open and 30+.

Lynmar is the official training facility for the U.S. National Team,
and is scheduled to host the International Racquetball Federation
[IRF] World Doubles Championships in June, and the Rocky Mountain
State Games in July.

For more information on upcoming Lynmar events, please contact
Racquetball Director Eddie Meredith at eddiemeredith@earthlink.net or
General Manager Luke St. Onge at LStonge@usra.org or find more venue
details at www.lynmarclub.com. Full drawsheets for this event can be
found online, at: http://www.tennisinformation.com/tourny/5/1/4/8/0/3/7/draws.asp.

Men's Open: Woody Clouse, Denver, Colo. d. Willie Tilton, Pueblo West,
Colo. 15-11; 15-12

Men's A: Jeff Weston, Colorado Springs, Colo. d. Vince Striedieck,
Colorado Springs, Colo. 11-15; 15-9; 11-5

Men's B: Jerry Garcia, Durango, Colo. d. Jeremy Lanosga, Colorado
Springs, Colo. 15-4; 15-12

Men's C: Matt Galusha, Golden, Colo. d. Mark Sikorski, Colorado
Springs, Colo. 15-11; 12-15; 11-5

Men's D: Lloyd Ferran, Albuquerque, N.M. d. Ronald Maestas, Las Vegas,
N.M. 15-11; 15-6

Men's 24-: Anthony Herrera, Grand Junction, Colo. d. Mike Keddie,
Manchester, N.H. 11-15; 15-1; 11-1

Men's 30+: Ray Maestas, Albuquerque, N.M. d. Simon Payne, Centennial,
Colo. 15-6; 15-3

Men's 30+ A/B: Malcolm Hamilton, Fort Collins, Colo. d. Chuck
Meredith, Colorado Springs, Colo. 15-4; 15-4

Men's 35+: David Guentert, Denver, Colo. d. Mark Branson, Albuquerque,
N.M. 15-6; 15-9

Men's 35+A: Clayton Shaffer, Westminster, Colo. d. John Reed, Pueblo,
Colo. 15-14; 15-9

Men's 35+B/C: Mike Barrows, Highlands Ranch, Colo. d. Craig
Dickensheets, Albuquerque, N.M. 15-3; 8-15; 11-5

Men's 40+: Tony Feldstein, Monument, Colo. d. Jeff Wichers, Colorado
Springs, Colo. 15-6; 15-7

Men's 40/45+B: Bill Maguire, Colorado Springs, Colo. d. Jerry Garcia,
Durango, Colo. 15-9; 15-9

Men's 45+: John Vohland, Colorado Springs, Colo. d. Kimber Shuman,
Aurora, Colo. 15-10; 10-15; 11-5

Men's 50+: John Vohland, Colorado Springs, Colo. d. Dave George, San
Bruno, Calif. 15-6; 15-11

Men's 50/55+ B/C: Alvino Zubia, Las Cruces, N.M. d. John Irlando,
Littleton, Colo. 15-9; 15-11

Men's 55+: Jim Hiser, Colorado Springs, Colo. d. Sammy Payne, Colorado
Springs, Colo. 15-6; 15-7

Men's 60/65+: Chris Segura, Salt Lake City, Utah d. Terry Dees,
Colorado Springs, Colo. 12-15; 15-12; 11-5

Women's Open: Rachel Gellman, Phoenix, Ariz. d. Johanna Shattuck,
Denver, Colo. 15-6; 15-4

Women's A: Lisa Rousseau, Lakewood, Colo. d. Jean Gallagher,
Littleton, Colo. 15-10; 15-11

Women's B/C: Robin Maestas, Denver, Colo. d. Maylen Gaspar, Colorado
Springs, Colo. 15-8; 15-8

Women's 30+: Rachel Gellman, Phoenix, Ariz. d. Jennifer Lynch,
Lakewood, Colo. 15-0; 15-13

Women's 35/40+: Jean Gallagher, Littleton, Colo. d. Annette Gillhouse,
Colorado Springs, Colo. Def (ns)

Women's 45+: Marcia Richards, Littleton, Colo. d. Mary Keenan,
Colorado Springs, Colo. 15-2; 15-9

Men's A: Bruce Burgess, Littleton, Colo. & Dave Letsche, Colorado
Springs, Colo. d. John Striedieck & Vince Striedieck, Colorado
Springs, Colo. 15-12; 15-7

Men's B: Matthew Galusha, Golden, Colo. & David Radke, Broomfield,
Colo. d. Bill Maguire & Ben Moesteller, Colorado Springs, Colo. 15-8;

Mixed Open: Tony Feldstein, Monument, Colo. & Mary Keenan, Colorado
Springs, Colo. d. Travis Parrill, Brighton, Colo. & Johanna Shattuck,
Denver, Colo. 15-9; 15-7

Mixed A/B: Dena Morrissey & Jerry Garcia, Durango, Colo. d. Karen
Fuller, Albuquerque, N.M. & Ryan John, Colorado Springs, Colo. 15-5;