tourney time bitches
WTF is going on with this tourney situation? Someone post some dates, son. I have my bags packed and a ring waiting for me in whatever arena this tourney is gonna be at. Get this show on the...

What's going on?
It's less than 2 months to June and no one has posted a tournament for this summer yet. There has been some suggested but nothing for sure. Atlanta, Tampa, Cali., any store, please post a ...

Tampa Qzar
2 Brits, Mike and I (Matt) made a trip across and played against several of the regs there. Thanks for making us feel welcome, with free games and all and late night play. <...

Fornication with a Warthog
First off if you clicked this you've got problems. Secondly...somoeone fill me in on the past (4?) years of Q-zar that I've been gone, what's new? Matt Willis Sq...

What's up with ATL?
You guys still gonna have a tourney? I'm trying my damndest to get Popper to come, but it's hard when I don't even know if there's gonna be a tourney. Any info is much appreciated.

Question regarding team/pick em
Okay for one... NO FLAMING ME.. This is just an idea and I wanna get some input. Some people want pick em, some want team.. we know this According to Brian (I loved th...

What happened to Q-ZAR Montgomery?
Someone please help an old, retired marshall out! I was part of the original team that opened Q-ZAR Montgomery, and while visiting my store last weekend I was deeply hurt by the "Out o...

Looking for Q-ZAR arena equipment for sale
Once again I'm in search for 6,000 sq feet of Q-ZAR arena equipment. Anything from walls, to barrels, to Headquaters ect. Please let me know if you have any or know where ...

The PAIN shall cometh!!
O yes thats right boys and girls!!! Vacaville is back up and running almost 100% I got a MASSIVE parts order from Will Lowe today and will be repairing all the packs asap! Thursday night 9pm...

Chicago Tourney?
I need to know a.s.a.p. if there is enough interest for a Q-Zar tourney in Chicagoland. Would you out-of-state players come? Format looks to be as follows: 3-on-3...

what does a qzar mastergun do?
Hi to all..... I have a marschall gun with 2 press button & a switch on it.... when i fire the gun, i hear a sample "active", , when i use the switch is says "deactivated"....

Game Marshal Phasers
I am selling 2 game marshal phasers fulling working with charging units. One is the handicap version(very fun) and the other is a game changing phaser. Both selling at best offer minimum on ...

Im gonna start trying to talk to tampa people about a tourney near end of year (or end of summer if ATL doesnt happen) now what I wanna know is.. 1) What format should it be ...

Just posting to say hello to everyone! Marc

What's the deal with the Atlanta tourney? I know you said 1 of 3 things will happen. What were the 3 things? I'm not trying to be nosy but I'd hate to see your arena close or anything els...

Q-Zar Tournament Toledo
I figured I would try one last time. Provided the center isn't sold, there will be a Q-Zar tournament July 4th weekend in Toledo, OH as part of Armageddon. Don't some of you...

qzar & Arcade stuff on Ebay thanks Keith

Hi :)
Havent read or posted for a while, dont know if u know but theres an English Championship coming up, if any of u can make it it would rock, especially the guys who so excellently represented...

UK Quasar Tourney
Hi We are holding a Quasar competition in South Shields on June 26th & 27th. All of the top English, Irish & Welsh teams will be attending I know this is a long s...

Atlanta tournament, more bad news
Well, I talked to Andrew a couple days ago and here's the deal. He can't give me solid dates yet because he isn't sure if we're going to be able to have the tournament and he couldn't tell ...

Bryhan Khatz
Whats the dealio on the tourny? Dates, format, etc? International peeps wanna know.. SPAM

Qzar is not Dead
Qzar will only die if the players stop playing. I havn't stopped yet, niether has Crum, and we are both old men. We just need to re invent it somehow. I know keep me from winning. ...

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