Montgomery Tournament????
Is it going to happen???? If so, when? Tracy Nashville National Champs

Jeff Holmes
Buddy, you need to call me ASAP. It's been a long time and I need to hear from you. We have many things to discuss. My cell is 916-717-9267, or my home is 916-331-2038. call me. ...

Not doing any Q-zar this weekend, unfortunately
Just letting ya'll know. Brian Katz

Pay to Cover =O
Dude, Los was right about that cover crap. If I pay money to play the game, I should be allowed to cover in public games. =P - Chad/Slim

Pleasanton Players
What's up guys. I'm bored and I wanna play again. Is there a night in particular to show up at Pleasanton? Who's store is it now anyways? Marc's? Someone let me know the four one one. ...

Apply security update for MS Internet Explorer
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qzar new york
does any one know if this is still open and if so what the phone number is, please email me @ with subject qzar ny if you do or respond here

The amazing troll
katz i got your message. I will not be coming today as i have to move into my new house. Lee

Admit it...
You've missed me... right? And don't say "who are you" because if you don't know then you're too new to the sport for me to talk to anyhow. Figured I would waste a few minutes of time...

Get in touch with me man! Michael Miller Tech Tampa

Playing Tomorrow
Montgomery, DON'T COME TOMORROW!!! Sorry Guys, I can't make it tomorrow. I have some important things to take care of at 12pm in Alpharetta. My day is going to get even busier after th...

Lets get going
man we need to get playing. Playas dont quit Especially you Dan Lee

anyone in atlanta
wanna play on friday. I have nothing to do except lose brain cells so let me know? katz, vine swinger , crum Lee

TPA Props
Nice tourney everyone. Cali, you guys and girl played really well. Dan it's always a pleasure to play against you, Ryan; it was cool to see you again. Brennon and Zack, I'm very i...

So Where and When is the next tournament????
????? Tracy Nashville National Champs

Montgomery Words
I would like to thank all of you guys who whooped our asses for us to get better and thanks for the ones (you know who you are) who did and said more encouraging things for us. Thanks alot V...

Tampa results
Ok good tourney temas are listed in order of placement: 1) Cali Love: Dan, Zack, Gizzy, Brennon ( think this is right spelling?), and Ryan B. Thier only loss was to Atlanta in the fina...

Strange Q-Zar packs
A friend of mine as arrived with some strange packs: some corsage (is it che correct word, in English?) with one sensor only, with blue and yellow guns. On the packs there is a "Q-Zar" signa...

POS Program
Does anyone have the P.O.S. program and can email/mail it to me? All I have for info on the one I need is "Arcadia Software, Inc., Copyright 1992-1993". Thanks! Tracy ...

Hey Montgomery
Make sure u show up i heard that u lost a player we have couple of players that were lookin for a team............... Venom

Q Tonight
Los what time u guys wanna plan on meeting up thier? Venom

Q-Zar Tampa reopen date?
Mike, tried to call earlier but you and Krissy were both out of the house I guess - if any of you get this, is Q-Zar running this week for the tournament only or are you opening it to the pu...

Check yo email foolio, los

Forum.. Let me know what you all think. - Anthony Team Downfall 1x R.C 3x Q-Zar Office Chair Streetracing Champion. ...

joe chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey bro i lost your message so give me a ring once again, sorry bro she sorta deleted it=o() alright talk to you soon Rob Q Toledo A "Old school never dies!!!!!!!!!"

So uhh, any good players left that need a team for Tampa?
Lemme know. Brian Katz

Tampa Tourny start time
I'd like to start the tourny earlier on Friday. 6:00pm Captains meeting, 2's and tourny to follow (6:30-7:00ish) If your team can't make it that early, please post a reply and i...

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