Has anyone tried the dead stoke training tapes???
-- ---------------------------------------------- Posted with NewsLeecher v3.5 Beta 2 * Binary Usenet Leeching Made Easy * http://www.newsleecher.com/?usenet --------...

The Fast Larry Museum
http://www.geocities.com/fast_larry_museum/ The Fast Larry Museum archives all of the internet contributions of Fast Larry Guninger!!! On this page, you will find thousands of words & ...

Squirt, Physics, and all that stuff
At this time of year, one is compelled to consider how Santa does his thing. This web site helps explain a few things. http://www.fnal.gov/pub/ferminews/santa/ Merry Chris...

Dime shaped tip *is* better!
About time someone tested different tip shapes... See: "Shape Your Tip" 3/4 way down page... http://www.predatorcues.com/predator_cues_tech_tips.html

Accu-Stats tapes on ebay now!
Accu-Stats tapes on ebay now, for 3 days only, check out http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZdtpuckheadQQhtZ-1QQfrppZ50QQfsopZ1QQfsooZ1QQrdZ0?

Best play to play in Los Angeles
Hi Will be visitong LA in Jan and would like to find best room to play at. Not looking for trouble but safe atmosphere where you can find moderate action and watch the bigger action ...

Go meet the crazy internet stalker debra Li

Xiu Xian Li, or aka Debra Li or aka Debra Starr, she goes by several
If you feel Disney should be embarassed employing psycotic internet stalking criminals involved in long term slandering of professional pool pros trying to degrade them out of the sport and ...

Blow me.
That's right. All you friggin low lifes, including Smorg and his petty ass, to Jimmy Brenan the undertaker, to the rest of you all that killed this forum. Me? I still here. Alive, kicking, a...

A quarter contest
Over the years we have saved change probably like many folks do. Around where I live the bottled water distributor is Great Bear and I have several glass (now plastic) 5 gallon containers...

eXtreme Custom Billiards, Inc. donating New Orleans Saints Pool Table to charity
Contact: John Conod Address: 41329 Silver Dr. Umatilla, FL 32784 Email:jconod@xtremecustombilliards.com Phone: 352-551-0200 December 12,...

pulse check !
thump thump , I got mine wheres ASP's again !

Ladder match report
Tom (Ratchet) finally called and wanted to pick up his copy of Hamster Tales. I told him to bring his cue and we could shoot some on my table ( 9' Ohlhausen). He showed up at approx 6:30 pm ...

Poor Breaks
Hi, I have an English pool table (7x4) and when I break off, the split is more often than not very poor leaving a large cluster of balls still together. What could be the cause of...

hey pltrgyst
Today's December 7th...and time for the annual joke. How about the half-black, half-Japanese guy...every December 7th he'd attack Pearl Bailey Next comes a lecture from She...

Another pool question
What would you rather shoot on: A table with Simonis cloth and dirty balls, or, average priced cloth with smooth shiney balls? Everything else would be the same. Hank<~~~has cl...

Q___? For Jewett, Sheppard, or Anyone - - - - -
Gents; (and/or Ladies) A one-cushion kick shot up and down the length of the table to make a ball sitting on the lip of a corner pocket is (IMHO) what could be described as a ...

UK based forum looking for new members
Hi guys New to Google Groups but just thought I would post my website here and see if anyone wants to join our forums, all pool billiards related but based in the UK for a change!...

hey Ratchet
I'll be at the Whitehall Moose tonight around 7pm-ish. I'll have your Hamster Tales with me. Bring $5 and enter the tournament. Even if you aren't a member, I can get you into the tourny. I ...

Meucci Red Rose Original
I was wondering if anybody could provide me with any more information about a cue I recently bought which I cannot find catalogued anywhere. I have provided links to pictures of the butt of ...

Snooker Footage Available
Hello Snooker Fans, I've been following these newsgroups for a couple weeks now and there's definitely alot to read! I'm located in Vancouver, Canada and I'm wondering if th...

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