10 Nov 2006 07:38:03
Should I get new cue? shaft, tip? Add weights?

It's been a while since i picked up my cue. I old Mali. But a few
weeks ago I started playing with some house cues on campus and thought
I would start playing a little again.

During my return I've noticed 2 things. I don't play as well with my
cue than I do with a house cue.

Things I've noticed

1) The house cues are heavier
2) House cues have bigger tips

I always find that on delicate shots I am much more accurate with a
bigger tipped house cue?

What I really want to know is can I "augment" my pool cue with out
having to buy a new one. The current cue I have is a Mali 17 or 18 oz
that I bought roughly 10 years ago. I think I would really like to get
a larger tip. The current tip is only 9mm maybe 10. Is it possible to
get a new shaft to accomodate a larger tip? Also do most Malis have
bolts in the butt that I can swap out?