Did the KGB murder Eight Belles?
Every otehr theory has been put out there, why not this one? -- Ray Gordon, The ORIGINAL Lifestyle Seduction Guru Finding Your A-Game: http://www.cybersheet.com/...

PETA wants to ban the whip?! And 3 year olds?!

Eight Belles
Is it possible that Eight Belles was injured during the race? Watching it now, it appears she started struggling going around the last turn into the homestretch. I'm wondering if the ankle ...

Is it FEASIBLE that a 1st Time Starter will Win Del 7th?
Maybe! I love slow and steady works.

e1-bwqm-kmvf-514d@emailias.com gkonop@crownrelo.com

Kentucky Derby tragedy
The impressive victory of Big Brown in the Derby was completely overshadowed by the horrific, shocking and tragic death of Eight Belles. This is the worst disaster in the entire 133 year his...

Eight Belles R.I.P.
Too bad you did not win the Kentucky Derby and only came in second to the monster Big Brown...oh the irony. High profile irony.

pebs derby day drf cover was 1 of his best, u see it? link
http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j182/swiftian/batgirl/batgirlheader.jpg btw i think BB has an awesome chance to end the triple crown drought.. but it seems that the...

Old Actor of this Day! Noah Berry Jr. A Real Nice Guy and a fun Guy!
A nephew of Wallace Berry! and the Son of Noah Berry! Such a FUN guy in every movie! Had a small part in the Classic John Wayne flick "Red River" Noah Berry a REAL FUN guy like The WOLF! The...

The Wolf Once Spent a Night with an Old Lady! And she Me Breakfast!
Like another MOM! Wolf slept like a baby on that couch! And Breakfast Too! Kissed the old gal on the cheek and left! True Story!

Under My Thumb! Wolf Dancing Wild as any Young Man would do Listening
Everyday is a GIFT! Enjoy the day! But remember The Stones and Brigett Bardot! Better times! And Charo and All other Girls dancing! With Clothing Optimal! Forget about Bettie Davis, Hepburn ...

The Wolf's Last Night at the Local Auto Theatre! Was LAST Night!
The demise of MY local Auto Theatre WAS the Worst thing Ever for the Wolf! IT wasn't the cheesy movies But the Venue! Just darn FUN! Wolf with two bottles of Ripple and a young girl! Soda Po...

Wolf Gets an Urgent Call from Sonny to Return to Miami Vice!
Seems Calderon's sons have taken up the "family business" Living High on the beach with NO fear of Miami Vice! Sonny and Ricardo need the old guy! aka Wolfagain Again! Wolf makes a hasty tr...

Kentuckey Derby and Under Card Plays
1st Biker Boy 2nd Sly Storm 3rd First Defence fav 4th Cherokee Artist bad post #11 6-1? 5th Thousand Works/Hewitts Ex Box 6th Informed Decision 5-1 or higher 7th Ven...

Current Odds for Derby??
Anyone know a site that has the latest odds for the derby?

Louisville Weather Report
Partially SUNNY! windy enough to dry out the track a little. Late scattered t-storms 50% chance. Track should be 'good' Mud will be scrapped off I predict. 2:03 might be good enough to win!...

steven smith and john berry stuart scott on espn vs kenny
its fucking laughable how much better the tnt show is..

I like Big Brown and Smooth air over four horses for third and five more for fourth. For my full analysis, FREE, visist my site at: http://www.cybersheet.com/pap-cd-050308....

anyone have the oaks/derby double will pays?

is the track gonna be wet serby day?

My EXPERT picks...LOL!
Colonel John Denis of Cork Big Brown got a $10 dollar exacta box with those 3 and $30 win on Denis of Cork....good luck to all and may they all get around safely.

Let have your picks
Here are my free selections for the 2008 Kentucky Derby Race 10 - 1) Colonel John 2) Big Brown 3) Monba Visit www.onlinehorseracing.info for more Derby action ...

any early derby odds?

Ky Oaks
Country Star or Bsharpsonata Tim Yatcak

Kentucky Derby Odds or Place a Bet
If you are looking for race odds or just want to place a bet on th Kentucky derby you can do it here: http://horses.gamblinglinks.ca - Message posted using http:/...

all or nothing
Reminds me of Spend a Buck. Big Brown either clears and runs away, or more realistically, he folds up down the lane. Might be alone on the lead,but, if challenged, his inexperience will und...

What is your track doing on Derby Day?
Because I can not bet the under card at home I am doing Derby Day at the track for the first time in 6 years. Bay meadows with live racing and Golden Gate with simulcasting ...

Question About Track Configuration
This may seem like a dumb question, but here goes. A story in today=92s NYTimes stated that Gulfstream=92s track =91was lengthen to a mile and an eighth, which meant Gulfstream could n...

Not Really Spam! 100% bonus on $50 Deposits or More for the Derby!
Go to www.racebook.com to read the details. I've used this site several times when Bris-Twin Spires doesn't carry a track I want to bet. Downsides are they limit win bets at 30-1 Gimmic...

Derby Morning Line Favorites
#9 Pyro 6-1 #10 Colonal John 4-1 #20 Big Brown 3- All the others are 15-1 or more. Other Notables: #5 Eight Bells 15-1 #15 YO ADRIANO 30-1 Owners misnamed ho...

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