Santa Anita Play of the Day
7th DEMON INSIDE ml 6-1 1st route try Ready for 2nd win.

Track biases
Much is bantered about in this regard, but at the heart of it, this is a real phenomenon. Often, however, it is superimposed, retro-actively, as an excuse as to why such and such won or lo...

Are you gambling..?
Are you gambling either in live casinos or on-line? If you are, then you shouldn't make another bet until you read "Betting For Profit." "Betting For Profit" is a 21-page e-book that has a...

One Pick Today at ZIA
9th #7 H.E.'s FAST ML 4-1

Where's Ralph Kramden My Second Best Friend? Wolf and Bendix and Ralph! Sounds Like a Really Nice Group!
Niether are SPY Smasher! the best FIGHTER for Truth Justice and the AMERICAN Way! Spy Smasher Wolf's Newest BEST Friend! Pity the Fools who have never scene "SPY SMASHER!"

Wolf After 10 Beers! Joins Slip Mahoney and Sach as the New Bowery Boy!
These are MY kind of guys! Always having FUN! Why not? "Sach" and "Louie" from the " Loui's Sweets Shop" where my best friends hung out! Time for MORRICOE! adios!

Bocelli!, Josh Groban! and Sarah! All Not Up to American Idol "Standards!"
Sarah as in Brightman! Greatest tenor in the world last time I checked was the Argentine Jose Cura! Far better than the late Pavoratti! GREAT Music will always get a tear from the Wolf! Espe...

Good Times! Seems Like Yesterday!
Many a good memory then. This place was much nicer then, I guess every place then. The World! or the place of my entry. Quite wonderful even now! But better 'then' Old TV shows like "Father ...

The Wolf's Input with My Friends at Team Romney
The site is I think Computer has it maybe I don't. Here's the gist of many of my posts:Get shed of that perfect GQ image! Loosen that tie, roll up those sleeves and...

Churchill Opening Day Picks Track is Fast and Firm

ESPN Breeders Cup coverage
They showed they be do inferior coverage all day. Juvenile- In the last 1/8 they only showed Pyro giving no idea how far behind he was from War Pass. Later TVG showed the track f...

Great Breeders Cup!
Did one horse bump another?

Saturday's Picks
Any predictions? I will post mine to get them on record. Post yours to see how you do RACE 4: 1) Izarra 2) Indian Blessing 3) Proud Spell 4) A to the Croft ~~~...

BC Picks to AVOID! I've Never Won on Off Tracks
4th No pick 5th TAIL OF EKAI 6th LAHUDOOD 7th IDIOT PROOF 8th NO BIZ 9th LEAR'S PRINCESS 10th DYLAN THOMAS No bet considered 11th ANY GIVEN SATURDAY Best Bet!

Santa Anita BC schedule
They do this every year. First post is 9:15 and then over 5 hours until the next race. What purpose does this serve?

Aqueduct - Sloppy Track - Help!
Any advice on handicapping at Aqueduct on a day with a sloppy track (it's pouring out today). Thanks in advance! Alan

turf players
remember horse players im not in the bussiness of giving advice especially in this game......just a simple warning.......if ur beting on the turf races saturday at breeders cup.......warning...

race luck
enjoy the 8 breeders cup races today,,,,just remember if ur beting on the races.....and i heard thats what people do at the track.....wink....just save enought money for the last race of

Tvg reporter Christinia Olivares nude pics.
anyone got em?

Brisbet Taking Monmouth Bets Fri and Sat Today's MTH Picks
6th LIFE IS SWEET 6-1 won first turf try by 9 under hand ride. Solis up for Mott horse. 9th GIO PONTE 8-1 119 closer in last off a real slow pace. Dominguez up for trainer Cleme...

style over substance
If the rain keeps up the way it has the past several days, front or close to the front end will dominate on the dirt at Monmouth. Tim Yatcak

Breeder's Cup now 2 Day Event
More races added to the Breeder' Cup which starts on friday, 10/26/07 at Monmouth. We now have Breeder's Cup picks using the Odds Analyzer for HROA members. ...

The PAP sheets for the Breeders Cup this year are FREE! (We're doing a media push). This year's sheet includes "actual PAP" or the actual projected speed figures assigned to each horse (...

** How I Beat The Casinos - part II **
How I Beat The Casinos - part II I know right away that there are those that are going to read the title of this work and immediately go into their tirades about how...

The Final WAR! Hillary against Mitt! The Tall One and a Man! Mitt OUR Next President!
cali libs wonder WHY! Those DAMN Conservatives! Some how they ALWAYS WIN!

Greatest Rock and Roll Band EVER the STONES! Punks and skinny wimps! But Still the BEST!
More stones! for the BIG ex-cop Wolf! I kinda miss my old buddiees!

Imagine if Wolf Meets the 'Gruff One' Barton McClain? He thinks he's Tough1
California Dreaming! "On such a Winters Day!" Wolf was THERE! To continue the little problem of the GRUFF one! Wolf could and would kick his ASS! No Problem!

Imagine if Wolf Meets the 'Gruff One' Barton McClain? He thinks he's Tough
The Wolf at 6' 1" is NOT afraid of BARTON McCain! but he's a hollywood WIMP! Wolf Standing Tall Again!

Racing Form Sold-New owners promise no changes
Means one or more of the following: Price increase. Features from print edition moved to paid part of web site. Features dropped. Layoffs. Any time I ...

Every Now and Again.......!
A man of GREATNESS emerges on the scene! A Great Guy! A Great horse player SUPREMIO! A Man others are drawn to for his personality and wisdom. The 'brother' other men never had! A class guy...

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