Started posts; here today, gone tomarrow. sometimes come back.
Posted to a thread on someone else's post. now the whole post is gone. confused but not paronoid! Wolfagain.

Raw Conversion Charts?
Anybody have some relaible conversion charts, converting fractional times at Santa Anita to Hollywood Park to Del Mar? I'm going back to make my fortune and I'm lacking a few basic to...

So can someone explain...
why Bornwithit is being considered a possible Preakness contender??

"smarty jones" jockey lied on derby license? This is the most absurd part: "The form, a copy of which was obtained from the Kentucky racing authority,

The best in online wagering at!
FREE PP'S WHEN YOU WAGER AT WINTICKET.COM Did you know when you wager with, we will pay for your BRIS Past Performances** (PDF) for the track and date you wagered on...

Smarty and the Preakness
I think he looked darn good in his mile and a half work at Phil Park. His rider was standing up in the irons and SJ was almost flipping on his ears. He was really fighting that bit and want...

waging question on OTB
Hi, I have a question. I have read on here that the % that goes to the track when betting on horses is quite high. These rebate shops like Racing & Betting Services, would I be bet...

Another rejected post.
Directed a post to Kramer concerning an infomercial about E-bay, Someone at G. didn't share or approve of my opinion. Do any of you see it?

Zone Alarm has new update
Know what I mean, Berne? -- Cherish, therefore, the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attention. .If once they become inattentive to the public affairs, you and

Trojan alert.........SecThought.E
My avg caught it trying to do its Trojan horse thing. I put it in the vault and deleted it. I dont know how or why it reared its ugly head. Maybe one of my teens clicked something ..maybe...

gapfire (race 8 hollywood) FREE

Ist Trip to Preakness
The wife and I will be taking our first trip to the Preakness. Got tickets in the grandstand apron box. Not sure where to park, and was wondering if coming on a motorcycle would be easier fo...

Re: TRI Bet
In article <b2emc.6414$> "Bob M" <> wrote: > > That is what I always wondered how to pred...

Re: A few plays for Wed
In article <> (wolf again) wrote: > > Nomen Nescio <> wrote in message news:...

Churchill May 5
Haven't been following the races too closely for too long so maybe someone can help me out here. Look at the results for May 5 at Churchill. Is there any explaination for why the...

Low Roller Project: Day 1, Part 3
#3 Rize in the 1st at Belmont was a decent start. I'm up about $8.50. Only $41.50 to go! 05 May Churchill-Race 2 This one has got me nervous. I really want to p...

Off topc: Olson twins on Letterman last night.
Twins! my rear end! Ashley was almost perfect. Mary-kate was, how can I say this, less than I thought she would be. Too much lipstick, Not mentally envolved. Probably needs a spanking for di...

Low Roller Project: Day 1, Part 2
05 May Belmont- Race 1 Alright, I got some scratches. Unfortunately, I got too many which has sucked some value out of the race. My contenders are now: 3, 1, 4, 7 I'l...

Low Roller Project: Day 1
05 May Belmont-Race #1 This race just seems wide open. I can only get it narrowed to 6 contenders so I'm hoping for an off track and some scratches. If it is an off t...

Re: TRI Bet
In article <V%%lc.5368$> "Fager" <> wrote: > > > Thanks. The race is the 8th at SUF, and t...

A few plays for Wed
Bel 6th box 568 BM 5th box 245 DEL 5th box 2/137, 137/2 CD 2nd 7/128, 128/7 WO 5th box 345

Low Roller Project
The wife is leaving town for two weeks starting May 16. Although I will miss her, there is some opportunity here. Namely, I will be able to play poker daily on the local gambling cruise ...

Ahhh..Belmont Spring....
My favorite time of the year starting tomorrow is Belmont park. No more Aquaduct. Belmont spring is always my best part of the year. In the last 3 years I have had been up at least 11% th...

Re: TRI Bet
In article <VBulc.2700$> "Fager" <> wrote: > > > "Nomen Nescio" <

Re: no defense in racing
In article <13113-4097E6C3-434@storefull-> (Ken Woodall) wrote: > > Your capitals are good points on a trly fast track, b...

no defense in racing
This sport is all offense: horse runs FAST, runs with a pace scenario that fits the contest, then he has a good chance to win. Love the dogmatists who keep yelling about "class" structure....

Mirth and mud
I'm posting this ...if you haven't read it.....hmmm? By Maryjean Wall HERALD-LEADER RACING WRITER Mirth and mud Zito bemoans loss of colts' shoe...

Questions from a novice race-horse fan.
I have many questions about horse racing and am wondering where some of the better sources for learning can be found. I have done Google searches, but, there is so much information out ther...

Smarty's on the SI cover! Bob

Any where to watch the KD for free?
I don't have racereplay, is there a place to watch it for free, or could someone post the video? Ed in Calif

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