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pissing contests
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Hollywood turf races?
Did a Google search but couln't find what I was looking for. My problem is; I "was" hitting 33% of my turf picks for a decnt ROI until I started playing Hollywood. Now I'm at 0%. I...

some ideas to chew on out there
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Hol, Sun 29Nov
Hi All, A horse I have been following for several years is running tomorrow at Hollywood Park in the 1st race. His name is "Is It True Mex", and is worthy of consideration, espec...

attheraces url
anyone got the attheraces live video,ive lost the free to watch link

stock holding vx software
I'm after some software for online horse race betting, its made by a company called stock holdings (I think) and the software is called VX, if anyone knows of the software and where i can ge...

Re:class structure
Tim, when did you come to realize that the animals do not know their class? I used to think that too, until I got the chance to observe the few horses that I own on my "micro-farm." Hors...

class structure
Used to be a slave to the notions of class structure (particularly claiming levels) but once realizing that the animals DO NOT KNOW, why should I care? Only times it is worthy is when the...

this place stinks
im sorry but ive seen horse racing groups but this one cannot be taken seriously in any way ,its full of what i can only say as garbage and so much on here is not even horse rel...

oooops wrong room....nobody is here.....

Judiths Minister huge bet down today 10/1 m/l ended up the
2/1 fave and ran nowhere...awww all that steam gone up in smoke // Maiden race at Laurel
Time for a name change that better describes this morgue.

T-Day Plays

Pimlico loses another graded race
Quoted from BRIS Handicappers Edge: " ... the American Graded Stakes Committee ... released its list of U.S. graded stakes for 2004 on Tuesday (25Nov03) ... Four races were ...

Citation named after a Standardbred
Imagine that! it seems the T-bred "Citation" was named after a Standardbred mare "Citation." The mare was developed and raced by Dick McMahon. Citation wore hopples when they were ...

since 96
Not too many hotshots show up here any more. When this stuff started all the smart asses came out the wood work to show off their wears. Then they found out that most everyone knows ju...

Wednesday Selections

Re: FREE trial horse racing software
> > > > > > > > > > Horse Racing Prediction Software > > > > > This software is an investment program. It helps you to make...

Re: Re. Australian Racing

5KG Farriers Formula Cheap to Clear 25
We have old stock of 5Kg Tubs of Farriers Formula best before date November 2003 25 plus VAT to clear All major Credit Cards Accepted <...

nasal strips
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website European Community project about tourism and sport
Take a look at this site about an EC project, if you want: Tourism and Sports year-round: a new chance for a better competition and an alternative of Sustainable Tour...

A few for Tuesday

Now is the time for all great men to come to the aid of their
..uhhh the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy moon the stag saw.... qwertyuiopasdfghjkl;'zxcvbnm,./ and now ..ladies and gentlemen i give u the one the only ..........................

Free picks
Play on a fast track only. Turf Paradise.Race 6. # 3 Yorkshire Lad # 9 Ron Cherry Play at 3-1 or hire.Post time wil;l be 2:55 P.M.

what the hell was that play with Faulk lined up as the only back ???
The heat has gotten to Martz ...

How about a good dirty joke to liven this place up ??
Do you know the difference between shower curtains and toilet paper ?? noo ?? hmmmm never gonna invite you to my house...( drum roll (_ ta da !!

Wonder if Teedy Roosevelt ever was ever a fan of racing? I have looked a long time for his full quote which is often a good thing to read before you go to the "wars." "Far bette...

free video
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