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UK info Friday October 31
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Saturday Racing In Australia
Hey, does anybody have any good tips about tomorrows racing, especially in the Derby, I reckon Penitentary is a chance, also any suggestions for the Melb Cup, Hugs Dancer has been going well...

Artistic Design in 4th at Churchill 10/31
Best Bet of the Day:

O.T. Sport Psychology
Hi, I am Marina Gerin Birsa, an Italian sport psychologist: visit my site . If you know Italian language visit the site , there are...

haven for the front end
Aqueduct was so speed biased today it was like steailing. Let's hope it keeps up awhile. Tim Yatcak

OT - Alison Janney
Did anyone know that Alison Janney (of The West Wing) is the grand-daughter of Stuart Janney, owner of the beloved 'Ruffian'? I didn't know it until I heard it on the BC broadcast. JC...

An Eleven year old .. down to defeat at 8/5 at CD today ..!!!!
pet em dont bet em i wont tell u again LOL Devil's Dandy . 14.90 1 Glacier Point 7 6.80 5 Brightly Decorated 54.40 7 E J Harley 11 *1.70 <...

Santa Anita 2004?
Is there a racing and stakes schedule anywhere for Santa Anita for any = part of 2004? Even just January would help. I assume the Big 'Cap is = early March. Thanks! Marc ...


spider and the fly
Trainer Julio C. Canani did a masterful job of using the media to get money bet on Prestonwood Farm's Special Ring. Special Ring went off as the second choice in the Breeders' Cup Mile. ...

The Burning Bush..ot
We may not have racing wagering if this guy and his buddies get there way copied and pasted........ The news has erupted among blogs today, and certainly points to a sinister

BC Ramblings
Some comments on the 2003 BC: Congrats to Sam for the contest win, and more impressively, picking the sprint exacta. Also, Beyer nailed the sprint winner. It's been a long time be...

Question about horse racing service
hi all, i want to subscribe one horse racing information service . which provider has better information provided ? 1. the odds information is mostly concerned (depends on it's re...

Free UK racing on the net
go to Click on the GB flag Click "" and signup The only drawback is the commentary is in German but you can always hit the mute button. ...

ping Pops>>
I hope the fire out there in San Diego has not touched you or yours......... -- lsj7 It may be true that you can't fool all the people all the time, but you can...

Re. Australian Racing
Who's the Tip For The Melbourne Cup?? I had money on distinclty secret in the Caufield Cup and Money on Defier on the Cox Plate, 3rd and 2nd Respectively, hopefully at the cup i can go one <...

xacta 5 -4 tri 5 -4 -2 5 -4 -6 5 -4 -3 super 5 -4 -2 -6 5 -4 -2 -3 5 -4 -2 -8 5 -4 -2 -1 5 -4 -6 -2 5 -4 -6 -3 5 -4 -6 -8 <...

Here's the real post-year award argument...
Best 2-year-old colt or gelding! Cuvee ran last in the Juvie. Granted, he was burned up in a speed duel, but they don't give Eclipses to horses that run last in a BC race. Action ...

"action" an optical delusion
future derby fav. action this day, for those who disregard pace. a good race to forget. the splits were totally unreal. also no juv. winner has ever won the derby. last year 13 starters in j...

wagering thought
Would seem that the best way to wager on B.C. Day is to forget the favorites in each race and Dutch the rest of the field. Tim Yatcak

The Chinese have a great philosophy regarding change: it is inevitable and you'd better be aware of that FACT. Don't be too upset with the real good or the real bad, because it will change...

goog nite.....when the Breeders .. ooops i mean World Championships ..cant bring out more than a few posts...time to move on.....wake me when something happens. zzzzxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Opinions..Black Vs. Dk. Brwn.
Hi everyone, for the first time in a VERY long time, I noticed in my program that in the Breeders Cup program, the filly who won the Mile, Six Perfections, is listed as "Black". She did not...

lol let the arguing begin...who is horse of the year?
thats a tough one

Thanks guys
Glad you all have fun with this See ya in May for the Throwout contest ;-) ... .- --

2003 Breeders Cup Contest Results
All I can say is Wow. Just ... Wow. First off, I have a mea culpa and I owe Grogger an apology. I told you that you hadnt sent me your Turf Classic entries but in actuality, it was y...

Thanks, Sam
Thanks for a super contest - thoroughly enjoyed it. Cheers, G-Man

What on earth were the jocks doing here? The splits were incredible. Cheers, G-Man

Best overlay on BC
Race for Glory- Should go wire to wire Bet Win Box in exacta with That's an Outrage and Action this Day

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