24 Aug 2003 09:35:42
Karl Perry
Standardbred registration

Also posted in alt.animals.horses.breeding, my apologies for the cross-post.


We're about to buy our first horse, a standardbred gelding. It was
previously registered by Standardbred Canada, but the owner from whom we
will buy the horse did not transfer the registration.

We will not be racing the horse; my daughter will use it for 4H dressage
etc. However, I'm concerned that if in the future we sell the horse, an old
registration may affect its value.

I can call Standardbred Canada tomorrow, but I'm wondering whether anyone
here knows about the process of transferring registration when there is a
break in the ownership chain from the standpoint of the registering

We have access to the original SB Ca registration certificate, and the horse
has a legible freeze brand.

I'm also interested in knowing about transferring the registration from
Standardbred Canada to a United States authority, since we live in the US.
Is this necessary?


Karl Perry