29 Sep 2004 08:37:00
Ray Gordon
FREE Ray Gordon Belmont Selections 09/29/04 (Wednesday)

Source: http://www.cybersheet.com/horsepix.htm

Sunday: 1-for-10, -$16.00
Meet: 21-for-123 (17.07%), +$63.40
Meet Win ROI: $1.26

FREE Wednesday Belmont Selections (09/29/04):
1st: 2/1/6-8-7
2nd: 6-2/3-5
3rd: 1-3/4-2
4th: 2-7/1-3-6-9 (turf); 13/2-2b-6/1-1a-3-10 (dirt)
5th: 2-1-4/3-6
6th: 1/5-2/4-3
7th: 8/10-4/1-2 (turf); 6/13/3-12-2/10-7/4-9 (dirt)
8th: 6/2/4-5
9th: 1/6-7-10/8-9 (turf); 10/6-7-13/3-12-8-5 (dirt)

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29 Sep 2004 13:20:49
Re: FREE TOUT FRAUD Selections from Ray MORON 09/29/04 (Wednesday)

Ray Gordon [the TERRORIST sympathizer] who claims
his actions/behaviour of GAMBLING and repeatedly
posting *OFF-TOPIC* in 3 inappropriate newsgroups
is, in his words, "doing GOD's work," wrote:

> Source: http://www.cybersheet.com/horsepix.htm
> Sunday: 1-for-10, -$16.00
> Meet: 21-for-123 (17.07%), +$63.40
> Meet Win ROI: $1.26
> FREE Wednesday Belmont Selections (09/29/04):
> 1st: 2/1/6-8-7
> 2nd: 6-2/3-5
> 3rd: 1-3/4-2
> 4th: 2-7/1-3-6-9 (turf); 13/2-2b-6/1-1a-3-10 (dirt)
> 5th: 2-1-4/3-6
> 6th: 1/5-2/4-3
> 7th: 8/10-4/1-2 (turf); 6/13/3-12-2/10-7/4-9 (dirt)
> 8th: 6/2/4-5
> 9th: 1/6-7-10/8-9 (turf); 10/6-7-13/3-12-8-5 (dirt)
> --
> http://www.cybersheet.com/library.html
> Four Free E-books on the seduction of beautiful women
> http://www.cybersheet.com/easy.html
> Seduction Made Easy: How ASF Changed The World
> You can get this new e-book FREE!! $19.95 value!

I repeat again -

belonging in rec.gambling.RACING -- NOT rec.gambling.sports!!!
- as anyone with an IQ above that of a common garden slug
*should* be able to understand...

HORSE-RACING messages are appropriate in either:


The rec.gambling* hierarchy of newsgroups was specifically
SUBDIVIDED into several *DIFFERENT* newsgroups to allow for a
DISTINCT SEPARATION of TOPICS, as per this excerpt from our charter:

rec.gambling.blackjack Analysis of and strategy for blackjack, aka 21.
rec.gambling.craps Analysis of and strategy for the dice game craps.
rec.gambling.lottery Strategy and news of lotteries and sweepstakes.
rec.gambling.misc All other gambling topics including travel.
rec.gambling.other-game Gambling games not covered elsewhere.
rec.gambling.poker Analysis and strategy of live poker games.
rec.gambling.racing Wagering on *ANIMAL RACES* (ie. horse-racing)
rec.gambling.sports Wagering on *HUMAN* sporting events.


Discussions of wagering on *ANIMAL RACES* such as *HORSE*
and greyhound races, including such topics as wagering strategy,
bloodlines, track characteristics, OTB operations, and software.
Discussions of the ethics of such activities is not allowed here.

Discussion of wagering on HUMAN sports events including
Baseball, American/Canadian Football, Football (Soccer)
Basketball, golf and Boxing, and covers discussions of
lines, parlays, wagering strategy, software, betting
services & sportsbooks, and software. Discussion of the
games themselves & results is not to be done here, but
is appropriate for alt.sports* hierarchy of groups and
rec.sports* groups. 322422598 EULC

The separation of topics in our charter is *VERY* CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!!
On rec.gambling.sports we discuss gambling related topics dealing with
the major TEAM SPORTS and other *human* sports like boxing and golf.
Gambling on HORSE-racing, poker, blackjack, craps, etc, have their own
SEPARATE NEWSGROUPS - and THAT is where THOSE posts belong!
The gentlemen on our group who might be interested in other forms
of gambling such as horse-racing, or poker, or craps, etc, already know
to visit the appropriate newsgroups specific to THOSE topics.
You are directed to post your "horse-racing" related messages
in either or both of the above two listed appropriate newsgroups
and refrain from posting them on rec.gambling.sports!

You have been informed at least 40 times the past 9 weeks!

Ray Moron, proven TOUT FRAUD and anti-American SOCIOPATH
mocked and laughed at the tragedy of 9-11, which included the
deaths of (but not limited to): policemen; firefighters; port
authority officers; paramedics; security officers & personnel;
lawyers & lawcourt officials; **CHILDREN**; at least one PRIEST;
innocent passengers & flight crews; innocent multi-nationals
visiting WTC, etc, -- let alone HUNDREDS of Americans whom the
sociopath Ray MORON laughingly refers to as "office whores" --
and he's NEVER POSTED ANY APOLOGY, nor has he retracted these
vile/contemptible statements even to this day (which HE authored)

"I have NO respect for those who died. That's the point."

"I am expressing my lack of sympathy for the loss
of a bunch of SELF-CENTERED, ASSHOLE New Yorkers"

"No significant loss of life in those towers. NOT A SINGLE ONE!"

"I'm not the one who blew them up, am I?
I just **LAUGH** at the poetic justice of it all."

"NO ONE of *any* significance died in that blast."

"Pretty damn good day at the office if you ask me,
especially since I'm not the one who hijacked the planes."

"May those who died today *ROT* in the hell THEY DESERVE."

"Once again: no significant loss of life in those Towers."

- Gordon Roy Parker, aka. Ray Gordon
(age 37; lives in apt. with his mom)
4247 Locust St, Apt 806,
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Home Phone: 215-386-7366
Gordon, Ray (EVCKISKKZI)
Snodgrass Publishing Group [suspected SCAM business]
P.O. Box 42814
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: 215-386-3414
Publicly available records at:

29 Sep 2004 14:23:05
Re: FREAK Ray Gordon 09/29/04 (Wednesday)


In case you missed episode 1, you can catch a repeat at:



Disappointed with the RATINGS from the first show, the producers have
a meeting and decide to send 'Ray' to an employment agency in order to
find him a 'normal' job, and boost ratings for this already troubled
'reality' show that seems to be interesting very few viewers....

Pan to the offices of an employment agency:

Ray has been listening to lots of 80's music, so he is dressed like
Boy George, with hat, tassled hair, drainpipe trousers and lots of
garish makeup....

Recruitment Consultant (female): Well, Mr Parker, lets go over your
employment history and see what roles you are suitable for, and what
is currently available...

Parker: Let me tell you something. I am here under duress. I neither
need nor seek a job. I am fully occupied running my own business, and
I am an internationally renowned teacher of seduction techniques,
hypnosis, and an expert horse-racing tipster...

RC: So, why have they sent you here ?

Parker: I don't know...you ask me...ask those dorks with the
cameras...'Hello.. Mr Producer...' see, he just stands there looking
at me with a ludicrous grin on his face ?...fucking prick.....

argument ensues....

RC: So, getting back to the point, how would you describe your main
skills ?

Parker: I've just f**king told you what I do...is'nt that enough...not
that I expect the likes of you to understand. I'd tell you what I
think of you, and what I'd like to do to you, but I'm a gentleman, and
I'm also on camera, so I'm going to say no more.....I guess those
bastards have mentally seduced you into their warped view of me and
their world in general...

RC: Well, well, well. Look here, your employment history is a little
'sketchy'... but I'll tell you in confidence, I often deal with senior
execs like yourself, who often find themselves out of work. I know it
is tough, but sometimes you just need some time to adjust to the
realities of the job market as they currently stand. I understand you
are used to high pressure roles with lots of responsibility, but I
don't seem to have anything that kinda fits your unique skills right
now...In fact, I do have one job that would suit your talents, and you
could start right now..

Parker: What is it ?

RC: An assistant in a bakery shop...

Parker: What..?@!@!!....(thirty minute diatribe follows)....well,
I'll take it, as long as my other talents are recognised, and I can be
called a 'confectionary consultant'.

RC: OK baby, whatever you want....

Ray leaves....Off camera, the recruitment consultant has an argument
with the camera crew, shouting "You lied to me...He's nuts... You
better pay me treble the rate you promised, or I'll going to call your

Next Day: Ray turns up at the bakery.

Ray: "Well first day. Guess I'll earn some pocket money, but more
importantly, I'll be able to source some hotties, and warn others
about the 'mind-rape techniques' that other guys are using...Yes, the
job may be menial, but I can work this to my advantage..."

Ten minutes later - first meeting with his new boss:

Ricardo: "Jesus christ...are you the best they could send ?...you look
scruffy, you smell...fucking hell, go to the washroom, wash your
armpits, and don't even speak to me until you look half-way

Five minutes later, Ray strides out resplendent in his new outfit,
looking like a Greek God....he leaps on top of the counter....jazz
music starts playing apparently from nowhere...Ray starts tap-dancing
on the counter, grabs a girl, helps her up on the counter...they start
a tap dancing routine, and suddenly all the customers start
dancing...Ray is like the second incarnation of Gene Kelly, only ...
much better ...full Broadway & London West End dance routines follow,
while Ray hollers "Oh, I love to work in a baaa-kkkerr-rryyy..."....
The customers stand back, while Ray does a treble back-flip, and most
impressively, flips over the counter and ends up standing poised at
the till, waiting for the next order.... The whole shop breaks into
spontaneous applause....

Ray: "Thank you...Thank you....That's enough....The backflip was a
little touch, but I am a olympic gymnast coach....Can I have the next

Female Customer: "Salf-Beef on Rye, lots of mustard, double expresso."

Ray: "OK, hold on.... before I do this, may I ask if you are aware
that lots of men are using techniques learned from the internet to
hypnotize women just in order to get them into bed ?"

Female Customer: "Look mister. I don't want a kinky conversation with
you. I just want my sandwich...understand.."

A ten minute argument follows, and Rays manager has to intervene and
serve the customer. Ray is led into the office to a little

Ricardo: "Look Ray, I know you may be keen, but keep the chit-chat to
the minimum and keep it to acceptable limits...I don't care if you
flirt..in fact, that probably helps if they like you, you know, as
that will keep them coming back...just use your common sense, you know
what I mean..but look seriously pal, just tone it down, and just do
your job OK..."

Ray: "OK, look I'm sorry."

Ricardo: "That's OK...now get back out there.."

For the next thirty minutes, Ray behaves like a 'model' employee...
But Ray just can't contain his 'mission', and unleashes it on the next
customer, a Goth-Girl who is wearing hooded-top with a Marilyn Manson
logo, with full-on black eyeliner and black lipstick.

Girl: "Hi, can I have a cream-cheese bagel and a
double-coffee.."..yawns.."God I'm tired..I've been up all night.."

Ray: "what were you doing ?"

Girl: "Just partying with friends...if you know what I mean....I could
do with a line right now...."

Ray: "I don't know what you mean..."

Girl: "You know..." .. she winks at Ray....

Ray: bends down on the counter and whispers "look, you may not think
so to look at me right now, but I am a world-renowned trainer in the
arts of seduction...but more importanly, the reason why I am here is
to warn young women like yourself about the danger of a practise
called 'mind-rape' that many men are blatently getting away with out
there in the world...these guys learn their nefarious 'skills' from
the interent - they look normal, and you just can't spot them...I need
to inform you about this insidious phenomenon...."

Girl: "Mind Rape ?"

Ray: "Yes, in invidious form of patterning...."

Girl: "Actually, that sounds quite hot...."

She looks at Ray directly and whispers...."Hey sexy...want to 'mind
rape' me... ?"

Ray involuntary ejeculates into his pants, stands and says nothing for
ten seconds, then replies "No..of course not....I'm trying to warn
you...about..yes...mind rape...you know what I mean....men, with their
minds...and their cocks...and their minds and their cocks..and their
cocks and their minds....working in an unholy conjunction to snare
innocent minds like yours...with their minds...and their cocks...and

Ray runs off to the office and refuses to come back out....he locks
himself in a toilet....the film production crew arrives and 'seduces'
Ray to come out of toilet cubicle....He is then bundled into a car and
driven to an unknown location.....the whole future of this project is
now in doubt...the producers hold a conference, whilst their bosses
from above are 'metaphorically' kicking their asses with steel-capped

Meanwhile...Ricardo phones the employment agency and says strongly,
"Look, if you send me another fruitcase, I'm going to terminate my
business relationship with you guys..now just send me someone
tommorrow who can do the work...just a normal guy or girl.....god, you
I thought the guy you sent me the other day who insisted that he could
only work in a SPIDERMAN costume was bad enough, but this guy was the
worst I've ever had....look, do you have any people from Eastern
Europe or Russia...."