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Bookies Roulette Machines
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Australian Racing System
Selections for 25 February 12.35PM AEST - Sale R2 No6 Tully Spur - Very hard to go past the well bred Tully Spur (by Flying Spur) in this weakish type of field. 2nd up from a spel...

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Excellent tipping service
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4 Y.O System Help
Greatly dissapointed to see G-Man has no sense of humor. The Newsgroup allows irrelevant post (want a bigger donger) yet deletes questions and possibly the subsequent answer to a question t...

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anyone know of any sites to get free harness woodbine selections??

what the hell is the triad wagering system???

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Unhappy bettors at Beulah
Check out race one at Beulah Park. Longshot wins it with the favorite coming in third. Trifecta pays $4,911 and the Super only pays $2,596.

NBA Basketball 2005, anyone played it yet?
Everyone's been talking about how you can download the NBA Basketball 2005 sim game from your cell phone. I think you have to send a text to NBA 69847. Has anyone tried it yet? I want to giv...

G-man has lost his marbles
Thought the header might get your attention. After browsing the forum, it appears to me your insights and comments are measured, educated and honest (ooh is my nose brown) With the ple...

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question about on line betting exchanges
we've all gotten the ads....you can bet against other betters on these exchanges....and often other betters offer horses at wildly higher odds than the tote board...so..the ad continues to...

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FS Funny Cide 11x16 photo Kentucky Derby 2003
I hope this is allowed on this group, if not, my apologies. For anyone who may be interested, I have listed at ebay an Official Track Photographer photo of Funny Cide winning the Kent...

odds line creation discovery
some things you just happen to stumble across...i think..THINK..i may have just done a big stumble...i've found a way to pick horse, quite by accident and have tested it just tonight at gr...

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Kentucky Derby Freebie
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Racing Systems FOR SALE
I have 2 paper based systems for sale. 1 @ 65 2 @ 110 I accept cheques, postal orders (made payable to Callum Ashton), I also accept Paypal, Nochex and Fastpay. ...

continuation of odds line creation
hmmm....so no one really has any mechanical method...i anticipated as much....yes..its hard to beat the odds board over time....alot of my too good to be true overlays were just that..too ...

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